Trail Blazer: What to Wear To Work

You have to go to work, so you might as be cute doing it! What’s in your work closet?” ~ Yana B.

Getting dressed up, or even down for work can become a tiresome task. Day in and day out you go to work, week after week, sometimes year after year. Even if your job changes through the course of time, it’s still easy to get caught up in the hum drum doodle dum of AKA work.  The point is, make it easy on yourself and get the items you need that make for quick closet pulls. One of the ways I’ve done this is by investing in pieces I feel most comfortable in: the blazer. You will never lose in a blazer. Actually, it’s pretty impossible to even come close to losing when your blaze is “ablaze“. Be a trail blazer! Okay I’m done. :).

Working Cute Wednesday 1.0

The colors of blazers available are countless so add whatever color “suits your fancy” to your closet. Marshall’s is a great place to find blazers, as well as The Limited, New York & Co., Forever 21, and even Target!

For work footwear, an essential are your flats. Don’t forget them! They are just as important as your heels, especially for the commute. No outfit is worth sacrificing your feet, but it’s okay to still want to wear cute commuter shoes. On days you wear your cutest flats you won’t even need to pull your heels out!

So, let us know, what essentials are in your work closet?

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    Work it sister!! My essentials: ferragamo pumps, Tory burch snake skin flats, and Tod’s driving shoes oh and I can forget my Christian Dior peplum blazer for some sexy sophisticated flare. Boom hunny! I werks that work 🙂

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