Birthday Reflections

As I meet and greet another birthday this year, I feel a sense of calmness, and thankfulness. I’m most thankful to be in a mental state of peace, or of sound mind as some call it. In this world of constant chaos, keeping your mind right can sometimes be a challenge but I’m thankful that I’ve learned how to manage and keep calm, at least for this year. 🙂

It's My Birthday!!!

I ended up having to get a root canal on my actual birthday this past Monday, 6/29. I thought that was funny; sitting in a dentist chair on my birthday for 1.5 hours while the dentist drilled into my tooth. As I reclined in the chair, I thought of a million places I’d rather be other than where I was; shot up with Novocaine, wearing dark protective shades with a dental dam and block in my mouth. It was all very sexy. I decided to count all of the things that I had to be grateful for instead of focus on my current events, and that’s how I kept my mind occupied during this lovely time.

Yana Bday8 2015

I have great family and friends. I’m the oldest of four wonderful now grown kids, the mom of a great girl, and I have friends up and down the East coast!

Yana Bday 2015

I’m in great health! I never take this for granted. That is one of the things I’m most thankful for. There was one birthday that I spent on kidney dialysis, and many that I spent sick with Lupus. So to be healthy is the biggest blessing for me.

Yana Bday3 2015

I have a job that allows me to support my family. As a single mom, this is very important!

Yana Bday10 2015

I’m grateful for Style Stamped! This blog has allowed me to keep my balance in life by giving me a creative outlet to express my style and writing. It’s also been a way for me to meet wonderful new people including other creatives and fellow bloggers, AND it’s been a way for me to help people with their style and other aspects of life. Thanks for all of you who read and follow, including my friends and family! It means so much!

I had a lot of time to come up with things that I’m grateful for while at the dentist. I’ll be even more grateful when this toothache goes away. Stay tuned.

Happy Birthday to me!

Skirt: H&M

Top: Forever 21

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Shot location: Pentagon Memorial, Washington, DC

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    I love this post! I love it! The photos are awesome and the reflections during the root canal are both funny and beautiful. Happy Birthday again my dear. Wishing you many more!

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