Style Stamped Too: Lists for Christmas

As we are fully immersed into “tweenhood” in my house, nothing has been constant but change, including this year’s list for Christmas. It’s funny to watch your child grow up through their Christmas lists; just two years ago it was EVERYTHING American Girl Doll, and this year it’s EVERYTHING iPhone, number one on the list is an iPhone 6s in Rose Gold, a phone that mama doesn’t even own yet! I don’t know how we got from $100 dolls to $750 phones…along with hoverboards, sparkle Uggs, and all things Pottery Barn Teen. But…it’s happening and happening quickly!

Style Stamped Too Lists for Christmas

My nine year-old “weekend daughter’s” list wasn’t as extensive as my 11 year-old’s, but you will notice that there are no dolls on this list either! The hoverboard and fuzzy furniture are a common theme, although I do love the books on this list.

Style Stamped Too Lists for Christmas (2)

Being a parent of a growing girl is fun, and each day, month, and year is much different from the one before. Although there’s no possible way for us to buy all of the things on these lists, it gave me a little insight into what they are in to. So it turned out to be a fun exercise for us both! During this age transformation time, whatever we can do to know what’s going on in the minds of these growing girls works. It’s all happening so fast, so enjoy it while you can, even if it’s in the form of a simple “wish list”!

What does your tween, or child want for Christmas that was a surprise to you?


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