Take the Plunge

Sometimes trends take off that just aren’t for everyone. That’s how I’ve been feeling about “plunge” tops, dresses, jumpers, etc. You have to be anatomically shaped like Barbie on top to make the plunge look hot, and I resemble more of a “grandma melon load after 2 kids” in that area. I’ve tried rigging my bra, tape, and even those sticky bras that are never made for the larger, bustier gals so I gave up on the plunge. But I’m persistent and since there’s no hard no in fashion, you just have to find a way that works for you.

I had my eye on this dress and this is how it looks on wearers with behaving boobs:

I love a cute skater dress with long sleeves and I’ve passed up many, but not anymore! This is how I rocked it instead:

Some may say this is a little less sexy, I say it’s a lot more realistic. I added a simple t-shirt and just like that I was in the plunge neckline game. 🙂

I accessorized with a simple long necklace, a wide belt, a velvet Kate Spade clutch, and ankle socks with heels.

Moral of this fashion story is don’t let these new necklines tell you what to do, take the plunge! ♥

Dress: PrettyLittleThings plunge skater dress

Clutch: Kate Spade Marcy Dawn Place Clutch

Let me know what you think!

xoxo, Yana B.

Photography by Reecie Ford of QT Photography Studio

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