My First Time at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has been a dream of mine for a very long time. Honestly, out of all the years I’ve wanted to go I figured this would be the most UNLIKELY year for me to attend. I mean, I just had a baby 9 months ago and a 14 year-old starting High School for the first time during the first week of September. With so much going on, I wanted to throw the idea out the window and say “maybe next year,” and give myself the same message that I’ve been giving myself for the past 4 years, but this time with the most valid of excuses. But as the universe would have it this was actually the year that I was able to go. I’m not using the word “able” as in getting to New York City, I’m from NYC which is a short trip from DC so that wasn’t the thing. The blockage was the lack of invites, the intimidation of less than 50,000 followers on Instagram, and the huge importance of New York Fashion Week. It’s like the birthday party of fashion twice a year, especially in September!

Needless to say I got the green light to drive up and werk. I was so nervous I couldn’t find anything to wear. Yes, me, with clothes in every single closet of my house, drew a BLANK on all fashion looks and had to stop at my best friend’s house in Teaneck, NJ prior to attending my first show. I needed fashion support! We went into her closet room and I tried on shirts, dresses, and shoes. To make the visual more clear, I had about 30 minutes to make a decision. After trying on item after item I decided on a long tee shirt from Zara with a contrasting silk back. I turned the tee around and wore it backwards, put on a mini skirt and a blazer (that I’d actually packed) and paired it with brand new shoes that she gave me. This girl had FOUR pairs of shoes that she didn’t want! As I was walking out the door she said “Wait! Look at these vintage Diane Von Furstenburg glasses that my husband found at his mom’s house.” My response as I snatched them out of her hand was “THANKS boo!” I ran out the house, jumped in my car, backtracked on the NJ Turnpike to get to the Lincoln Tunnel and was on my way to Fashion Week.


When I arrived at my first show at Spring Studios to see the Spring/Summer 2019 line of Vivienne Hu, I had no idea what I was doing but I felt right at home with the other fashion-loving onlookers in attendance. The security guards were laughing at me because I asked where the “VIP standing room only” was located. They told me that I could stand wherever I wanted as they snickered behind my back. I was so excited and I just wanted to make sure I was doing everything right. The situation was lovely. As butterflies crowded my stomach I had my cell phone out taking video with my Nikon on action mode snapping pics (double-fisting). I wanted to capture every single moment! To see my review on Vivienne Hu you can find it on the Fashion Bomb Daily site here.

Right after the Vivienne show I darted to The Blondes show which was only one floor up. Quickly gaining confidence, I strutted into the show only to be blown away by the production. Have you been to Disney? Whether you have or haven’t I have to digress for one second (bear with me). So, Disney is a customer service model for many businesses but on top of that it’s just a dope place and product for both children and adults. Everything is all the way in order at Disney. It’s expensive but Disney equals guaranteed quality. Now back to The Blondes, they collaborated with Disney on their S/S 19 line, inspired by Villains. Yes, Villains as in Cruella De Vile, Maleficent, and the Queen of Hearts. The show opened with a short cartoon synopsis and the runway filled of smoke. I felt immediately transferred from my seat at a fashion show to a Disney top notch performance with the most extravagant costumes walking the runway. To see my complete review you can find it here on Fashion Bomb Daily.

I decided not to attend The Blonds after-party and went home to crash at my girls house, completely high off my experience so far. The next morning I woke up in the same predicament as the day before, I didn’t know what to wear! So I drove to the mall of my youth, Cross County Center in Yonkers, NY. I ran through Zara and Forever 21 and decided on a striped chiffon bodysuit from Forever 21 to pair with my favorite All Saints balloon mini skirt (similar here) and DVF belt from my collection. I got these updated “doorknocker” earrings from Zara, and wore another pair of my BFF’s gifted shoes and threw on my Zara denim jacket (similar here).

Several of my friends were in town from DC, I call them my “Fashion Friends” because we’re each deeply rooted in fashion, and are friends! They’re all vintage curators with an amazing eye; Kurated by Ke and Instant Vintage 78. We had to get a pic with my NY photographer (the best photographer in NY) Mike of MG Young Photography and it was epic. Mike and I did our “signature” 4-person pose. I love art through photography sprinkled with fashion!

Next up was the Badgley Mishka show. I sent up a quick “thank you” to the universe for the opportunity because I try hard not to take things for granted. After spending the last years of my teens on dialysis and sick, I will never take good health and awesome opportunities for granted. Nope! No matter how big or small I am in the world, I will always be thankful for my health first and every thing that comes after that is icing on the cake. So yes, I told my friend to pinch me as we walked into Badgley Mishka. (Insert arms in the air emoji). I saw Caitlyn Jenner and Alec Baldwin, and made a few friends. You can find a full review of the show here.

I was able to speak with Fern Mallis, creator of Fashion Week as we now know it.  I asked her about her favorite part of New York Fashion Week thus far and she stated the “Ralph Lauren show for his 50th anniversary. It was epic”.

With Fern Mallis, creator of NYFW

I also spoke with Singer/Songwriter Sevyn Streeter about her time at Fashion Week. She’s so much fun! She was dressed in Badgley Mischka for the show.

With singer Sevyn Streeter in Badgley Mischka

I chatted with Kelly Augustine, blogger of and we discussed the Designers’ plus sized line. We hope that plus-size representation will be displayed on the runway in upcoming shows!

With Kelly Augustine of in Marchesa

Needless to say, this show was so much fun!

My biggest takeaway from my time in NYFW is to enjoy every moment. I took this advice from Kyrzayda Rodriguez ,fashion blogger, who passed away on Sunday after a tough fight with stomach cancer. In true fashion form, she transitioned in the middle of NYFW. At the start of this fashion week she posted:

“If it’s your first time attending Fashion Week; enjoy it to the max, really network, and don’t be afraid to be yourself. Remember it’s not about being everywhere but creating a special milestone in your life.” ~ Kyrzayda Rodriguez


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To the most influential influencer I’ve ever come across, you will be sooo missed my dear @kyrzayda_ – although I knew it was inevitable, it certainly seemed like it would never happen and you would stay with us, somehow some way. You’ve changed so many lives with your fashion, strength, courage and faith including mine. We all love you so very much and although you wanted to stay on earth with us physically you will always be with us spiritually, living among those who met you in person and those who didn’t. Thank you for your creative contributions, your fire to live, and your courage to let go although you didn’t want to. You’ve brought my friends and I closer, and have given us a different perspective on so much. There’s also something to you transitioning during fashion week too, I see you boo! 😘 🧡💔🧡💔🧡💔🧡💔🧡💔🧡💔#youinspireuskyrzayda #fckcancer #creativitylives #stylestamped #kyrzaydarodriguez #gonetoosoon #RIPKyrzayda 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😢

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Read the post dedicated to Kyrzayda here.

Until next time, xoxo in love and fashion. Thanks for reading!

~ Yana B.

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