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It’s official, my little baby is growing up! It’s happening so fast, this time last year he was only one month and barely weighed 6 pounds, now he’s a big ole 13 month old who just will not quit. I mean literally, will not stop, slow down, stand still, sit down, hold on, wait up…not nothing. Go is the only setting with no in between. Stop is a last resort setting but only after he’s worn himself out! It’s literally been about 10 days since he took his first step and he’s been practicing for the Olympics ever since. He’s super wobbly, but doesn’t care!

Most of my vocabulary consists of “no”, “come”, “stop” and “Lee!” When he’s not sliding himself down the stairs at full speed he’s pulling all of the spices out of the cabinet in the kitchen and hiding toys in our shoes. He’s learned to slide down the stairs just as fast as I run down the stairs. This is my favorite thing to watch him do, it’s sooo funny. As soon as I get up to go get him off the stairs he kicks it up a notch. People ask why we don’t have a gate and I’m not sure why we don’t have one, it’s just never really been on my list of things to do. We aren’t very baby proofed at all, someone is always watching him and he’s been learning a lot by trial and error. This is when that “Stop Lee!” is belted out by either myself, his dad, or his sister. It would probably be easier to baby proof, but doing things the easy way just isn’t our style. Lol.

My latest activity is now the “chase”. It’s a great workout running after a 2 foot tall person who thinks they can run but can’t with only 10 days worth of balance. I know the speed will increase more and more every day but it’s more fun than going to the gym! When I’m not chasing him around I’m picking my daughter up from Lacrosse practice or taking her to tumbling. These kids better keep me young and fit for at least 30 more years! 🙂

My kids are such a joy to my life and even though I have friends whose kids are in college, I am literally having a great time with my squad. When I had my daughter I was younger and single and stressed, and I may have missed being present mentally a time or two. This time around I’m older and a little wiser, but also older, did I mention that already? I’ve also updated my phone a few times in the past 15 years and the picture-taking is out of control, so much so that it will be hard to forget most of this time because it’s on the cloud. 🙂 How do I manage it all? With good food and a smile. And wine, of course!


Yana B. 

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