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So….I’ve never been married. I’m sure I will be one day but anyway this isn’t about me. It’s about the wonderful, beautiful, romantic destination wedding I attended recently. Ok, back to me for one second. I’ve had a hard time this summer, breaking up with someone I really admired, and loved. It made me look down on marriage and a potential future with not just him but anyone. Disappointment is nothing more than a dream killer sometimes. But…I smiled the entire time during this wedding I’m about to present to you. Why? Because they showed me that a true love story never ends. Love is not just a fleeting feeling that comes and goes; it’s not even a feeling. It’s a thing. A real thing that is meant to be respected and acknowledged and never taken for granted. It’s to be appreciated and solidified. That’s what I witnessed during this ceremony…a solidification of love. (Please hold the tears.)

Photo by Captured Photography by Jenny

Photo by Captured Photography by Jenny

So the wedding was a destination wedding in Miami. As you may know, I live in DC. But my date lives in NY. So I traveled from DC to NY so that I could fly on the same plane with my date. And guess what? I decided to take the bus (in a failed attempt to save money) and missed the plane by 5 minutes. After crying in a corner for about 30 minutes, my best friend (who lives in NC) convinced me to get up and get my life and get a hotel and try it again in the am. So, I booked a room at a boutique hotel in north Queens not too far from La Guardia Airport. The hotel was  in the Chinatown district of Queens (which was obvious, although the concierge felt the need to tell me anyway) so when in Rome do what Romans do (or in my case China)…so I chilled at the karaoke bar and ordered chicken wings (that I didn’t me for deets) while face timing my BFF. Again…this post is not about me…so I’ll hurry it up to say I got up at 5am and made the 7:20 flight to Miami. Boom!

So who got married? My dear beautiful friend Leila. And I don’t mean just beautiful in looks (which she is, don’t get it twisted). Her spirit is beautiful and peaceful. We went to High School together years ago. When did she meet her now husband? August 23, 2000. They got engaged on August 23, 2010. And on August 23, 2014, after 14 years, a few privileged friends and family members watched these friends, parents, and lovers tie the knot and move into the next chapter of life….marriage.  The wedding was held at the W South Beach in a private secret garden with about 50 onlookers. As we sat there before the wedding started, I heard people asking where Gerhard was (since the groom usually stands at the front as the bride comes down the aisle with whoever is giving her away). But…there was no need for anyone to give her away. He walked down the aisle with her. #Tears

Everyone loves love. For some of us, love hasn’t been kind. But we still believe in it and know that it is real because of people like Leila and Gerhard. After 14 years, Leila told us that “…our relationship is just the way it was 14 years ago…really just amazing.” They have 3 boys together, and he’s a firefighter and she’s a speech pathologist. They traveled on vacation to Miami two months into their relationship and it’s been their “go-to spot” ever since. So they brought us all down to Miami to solidify their union that was meant to be from the start. I’ll be honest; I’ve been to a lot of weddings and I’ve even been in quite a few. I’m not a specifically teary-eyed person but there was something special about this wedding. It brought tears to my eyes….I was so happy for them both. I think we all were. Many of us have had relationships that lasted a long time, or children with the person we thought we would be with forever…and it didn’t turn out that way. This time it did. And it’s amazing. It’s happy, like a fairy-tale for some, a dream come true for them.

Ok, enough of the mushy stuff. Let’s talk about my girls dress and how she fit is more perfect than any runway model ever could. It was amaaaaazing!! And perfect. Did I say that already?  The Barcelona Gown, by Katie May, LA fit like a glove on the sexy bride, designed with a gorgeous cowl neckline and bias cut skirt, and french Chantilly lace trim at the neckline and at the base of the deep open back. Can we say…Style Stamped??

My friends and I were in attendance to wish Leila and Gerhard a wonderful future together. As the parents of 3 boys, they have already done a wonderful job so we were happy to join in on this happy occasion with them!

Kisses and fun…party, fruit, and dessert! As well as the wedding favor I will never forget…a bottle of Absolute with a little note that said “Absolutely In Love”.

Then all of my beautiful friends had a photo shoot. Style Stamped was in the house…so would you expect anything less?

Photo  by Captured Photography by Jenny

Photo by Captured Photography by Jenny

You can’t replicate true love, and in my case true friends. I wouldn’t trade any of them, although we are four hours apart or more at all times. I love these girls. And no, my date wasn’t tall and handsome she was beautiful and short (well shorter than me and I’m 5’4 lol). But that’s how we roll. So even if I haven’t experienced true love between a man loving me, I have experienced it through my friends and with my friends. And that’s all I know, and if that’s all I ever get to know, that is enough.


Photo by Captured Photography by Jenny

Photo by Captured Photography by Jenny

Captured Photography by Jenny6

Captured Photography by Jenny

Life is good. Celebrate it with good people. Identify love and cherish it. ~ Style Stamped ♥

Yana B. of Style Stamped

Yana B. of Style Stamped

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