New York Fashion Week- Spring 2015 Trends! As seen on day 1

It’s that time again! Fashion Week in New York City, sponsored by Mercedes Benz. Spring 2015 Ready-to-wear is upon us, and what are we most curious about? Trends. Watching trends unfold on the runway is like being told a secret that only the top designers in the world know about and they are now willing to share it with the rest of us fashion hungry peons. Why? Because they are angels sent down to us from the fashion gods to give us the forecast for our wardrobes from season to season. Now that we have done the first step of admitting our reality in this life, let’s get started with Day 1 observations.

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Colors:Whites, Black, Grey, blah blah blah. Now for the real colors. It’s been duly noted that if a collection didn’t have some level of BLUE in it, the designer was probably denied at the Fashion Week gate. Also, extra points for collections who threw in a bold orange. Denim/chambray has shown up a few times, but can that fall under the blue category? Pastels are in the house, mostly in the shades of light pinks and of course, light blue. Burnt orange, khaki , olive green, and mustard yellow reared their heads a few times.

Accessories: BELTS. Clearly belts were in line with blue when designers were filling out their applications to show in Fashion Week. If your outfit doesn’t call for a belt, put one on anyway! I’m sure that was a requirement. Shoulder bags, flats, and sandals tell us that “casshh” is in. We even got a glimpse of sunglasses, head wear, and some over-sized bags in tow. Belts? I know I said it already but I think it should be stated twice.

Styles: TRENCH COATS. Period. Curtains please. Your show may be over without one! Just my guess based on what we saw today. Button downs were seen of course on shirts but also on dresses….or long shirts made into dresses…and trench coat-like dresses, oh and blazers. Blazers snatched with a belt was a trend. Trench coats snatched with a belt was also a trend because trench coats are winning. Clearly. Moving on – long dresses with deep V-necks were seen today (of course not on Kim K’s body type because that’s the wrong body type for this style because boobage is not the point, sorry fashion is truth) and flowy material for these dresses made them sexy (again..not poked-out boobage). Oh! This made me smile – I saw quite a few pieces of clothing styled and layered on top of other clothing. For example: a skirt on top of a dress. Whatever. You’ll see. Mesh and metallics were flirted with from time to time as well but it wasn’t exactly an exciting sighting (that rhymes..exciting sighting). And retro! Can’t forget retro. 🙂


Resurrected from the 70’s – I can see my parents trying to hitch-hike from Petersburg, VA to Woodstock in 1973 with my mom wearing an outfit like any of these. Mini skirts, over-sized sweaters, pastel leather, pastel furs, short trench coat, flared pants, graphic tees, and…metal studs. Don’t laugh, the studs show up more than just here at Coach. But..Coach is in the running for most used studs as seen on dresses, bags, pants and jackets. Oh wait! Large animal print and clogs. They owned those. I must say…Coach was not running close seconds to anyone else seen today. But then again…it’s Coach. I digress….no shade though! We actually liked this retro collection.

Marissa Webb

This collection showed us that double-breasted buttons used typically on trench coats are not just for trench coats – they can be used on skirts and dresses too, especially when the dress or skirt, or jumper dress looks like an altered trench coat anyway. Marissa dug deep for this collection and we can tell because it stays on trend while adding a lot of flair. Of course the colors are whites, blue, black, and she got extra credit for orange and olive. Jagged hems, shirt collars, and blazers were on que and there was some layered styling (which is awesome).


Okay, so like hands down…this collection is killing the Asian-inspired theme while still staying with the fashion trends set in place by the gods! Black, khaki, burnt orange and gold, are the colors then the game changes with greys and pink. Blazers and tied waists are seen here along with shirt collars, one-shoulder and long deep-v dresses, and trench, of course, but as a dress!

Thomas Maier

This collection is like a chic breath of fresh air blowing through a nautical resort while on your way to work (don’t linger on that analogy too long). Casual neutrals and blues along with orange hints and muted tropical patterns danced through this collection, topped off with several looks accessorized with big hats and over-sized handbags and belts of course! Several pieces were also work-wear ready (more collared shirts) paired with cross body bags and clutches. We love the blue with blue and more blue! And of course the adorable retro swimwear.

Chadwick Bell

White…khaki….black…oh wait! Is that a red leather dress with a red leather bolero? And the belts. Please add them to our tab. Thanks!

Costello Tagliapietra

CT’s collection used at least five different shades of blue…so if you didn’t get that blue is “in” by now, you’ll never get it. There’s not a lot of black and white here, instead there are browns, olive, burnt orange, mustard yellow…and plaids. Oh! And tie dye. But not the kind of tie dye you make at home its more like a beautiful blend…as if the eggshell color was tired of being blah so it slowly dipped itself into a deep blue sea…and wa-la! A gorgeous dip-dye fabric was created.


Honor is clearly”honoring” the era of retro in this collection. It’s quirky and romantic; white is a huge color here and most of the dresses could be wedding dresses (or were wedding dresses 40 years ago newly resurrected) and there are some really cool prints and scalloped hems. Light blue, grey, and orange makes an appearance as well. Boat-neck and shirt collars, bows and bells (bottoms) and these colorful ball accents that look like candy? All that’s missing is a strobe light.

Creatures of Comfort

Creatures of Comfort always lives up to its name because it looks well, comfortable.  What stands out most? Probably that chambray utilitarian jumpsuit (which also comes in a khaki color) paired with a sleeveless long khaki vest…or the long mustard yellow dress (?) that is left open, paired with loosely fitting black pants that hit right at the ankle. Actually, these four looks (out of 35) stood out most, that’s why we picked them.

Creatures of Comfort_Long Dress Shirt


This collection is what we would wear if we were stranded on a tropical island. With the boo of course.

Richard Chai Love

This collection stuck to the color palette and trench coats but definitely took a more edgy, jagged, asymmetrical approach.

Nicholas K.

This is the look that we will opt to wear when we are stranded in the desert…or gearing up for war. Whichever comes first. Actually, there are many things we loved about this 41 piece collection. And although it doesn’t look much like “springtime”…(well in America anyway) the belts, neck wear, and shades and of course the hoods and head wear give us all the edge we are in a constant search for so…we’ll take it.

What do you think about the Spring 2015 trends? Comment and let us know!

xoxo ~ Style Stamped.

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