What To Wear Where: Brunch Style

Brunch continues to be a popular social affair on Sundays. It’s the perfect time to get together with friends, laugh, drink a mimosa or two, and relax before the work week begins. It’s also a great fellowship experience after church.  My dad would always take us to brunch after church when  I was growing up. The combination of breakfast and lunch = brunch, usually happens anywhere after 12:00 p.m. and goes until 3:00 p.m. Since living in D.C. I’ve learned that brunch is big on the social scene. There are a wealth of great spots for Brunch, so much so that tickets usually sell out if you don’t get them in advance! Cities DC hosts a “Hip Hop Soul” Brunch which turns into a party after 4 and Barcode does the same thing. I’m sure other cities are ramping up their brunch options as well because as the Old Proverb says,

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” 

What to wear where: Sunday Brunch

So what do you wear to brunch? There are quite a few options but just keep in mind that you may not want to be as formal as you would be for church (especially if your thing is to walk into the church house first lady style), but not night-time sexy either. I recently discovered a “happy medium” item – a shift dress. A few weeks ago I found and fell in love with a geo-print Shift Dress from Marshall’s. There are three great things about a shift dress:

  1. It can be worn year-round: with tights and boots in the colder months, with a blazer in the spring/fall on cooler days, or alone with cute shoes on warm day.
  2. It fits all body types. Yes, ALL. No matter what your body shape is, the shift dress will be cute on you.
  3. It’s perfect for brunch.

The shift dress typically has a short hem and is simple in style with very little detail. The dress I found at Marshall’s had the perfect print for a shift dress – a black and white geo-print. This geometrical print has just enough going on it’s own to make styling easy. Add a few solid colors and you’re good to go.  I added a baby blue blazer also from Marshall’s, a bright blue clutch, and my favorite bright orange shoes.

Brunch Style

What’s your favorite thing to wear when heading out to brunch? What do you think of the shift dress style?

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