When Life Gives You Lemons, Wear A Bright Suit!

I’m not going to lie to y’all, 2018 hasn’t been the bag of optimistic pot of gold that I’d hoped for but it has been the most peaceful year that I’ve had probably in my life. I’ve had a lot of trials monetarily and I learned a hard lesson in mixing money/business with a friend (don’t do it!). So how am I peaceful? Because I’ve worked hard to create a peaceful foundation within myself through lots of repetition and surrounding myself with positive people and truly turning my life over to a Higher Power that I only expect to have my best interest in mind. I have to remind myself every day that I deserve and expect the best – and I truly now expect the best! So even when things seem to not be going my way, these situations do not have the same power over me as they used to. I no longer have debilitating depression or days of crying on end…that black hole that consumes your mind, emotions, and life. It takes a lot of hard work (I say takes because the work is never over) but it’s so worth it! I know I can, I know I CAN, truly face anything that life brings my way. And I expect only good things because out of every situation only good will come! Therefore no matter what physically comes my way I will do the work and stay on the side of peace. My girl Darlene gave me that last mantra, “Stay on the side of peace.” If you haven’t already, get you some good friends with dope mantras and a suit that lights up the room.

You seriously can’t have a bad day in a suit such as this one. It’s bright, fits right, and is priced right. It screams “girl power” and “yassss boo”. Everyone needs clothes that make them feel this way!

It always goes back to my mantra, “Decide who you are and dress the way you want to live.” I decide today that I can handle life peacefully and present myself to the world in a solid, stylish way that exuberates peace. Here are a few more looks to make you get the good feels about yourself:

Let us know how your year is going and drop any mantras you use to help navigate these waves of life!


Photos by Pablo Raya

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