Olivia Pope: Scandal Style


She’s baaaaaack!!!


…And flyer than ever. We first discussed Olivia Pope’s style during the Season 3 Premiere and now her style has taken on a whole new life of its own. “Scandal Style” is a hashtag and trending on Twitter and Instagram. The Limited, the go-to store for reasonable priced and good, quality, stylish work-wear for women, recognized the sharp style of ‘Olivia Pope’ and created a collection around her. The costume designer of the show, Lyn Paolo and Kerry Washington, the real life star, collaborated with The Limited to offer women everywhere an easy off-the-rack option to dress like the most powerful woman on TV, Olivia Pope. There are 42 looks in the Scandal Collection, including tops, jackets, outerwear and, of course, pants, because, as Washington says: “Olivia Pope wears the pants both literally and figuratively.” I’m a career Limited shopper and I have to admit…the pants are amazing…in fit, fabric, and quality.

Of course we had to check it out!


Now, don’t expect the color coalition to meet you at the front door of the store (you know stores always put their feature collection in the front). Instead you will be greeted by a vast array of…white, black, grey, blush, and grey. Did I mention grey already? My bad. The outerwear collection is dead on Olivia Pope Style for sure though. Our favorite item in the collection is the Plaid Cape of course! But it was a bit pricey, plus I have a sweater cape from a previous season from the Limited (always shop for now…and then). A more functional and a bit cheaper outerwear option was the Funnel Neck Tweed Jacket, so that was the pick. I love the tulip hem! I paired it with the ‘Liv’ Flare Leg Trousers in eggshell which are, if my word means anything, a wonderfully made pair of pants. They have so much weight -they are lined and fit perfectly! But what was I most excited about? The leather Opera Gloves! Nothing much special about them. And…they’re grey, of course. Smile


Being that I live in DC, I couldn’t help but to take pictures in front of the Capital. I’ll admit that I take living in DC for granted, just like I took growing up in New York for granted. But both cities are amazing and historical (I will always be biased towards NY, but that’s for another post). When you live in a city like New York or DC, it’s easy to get caught up in the every day hustle and bustle. It never crosses your mind that you live and work down the street from the President of the Free World and Congress is in your backyard working and convening at the Capital.

It was raining when I took these photos. Since my hair is natural, it didn’t agree with the rain and began to turn into a self-made afro with no say from me. So I had to stop and put it into a ponytail. That’s what Olivia would’ve done. Handle it.

All career women want the look of Ms. Pope; she’s polished, strong, and loves her job. Her look reflects her position and demands attention in a good way, the opposite of a “sexy” look, which is all bad for the boardroom. We put together some looks for less to get the “Scandal Style.” And with no shade to The Limited, we found some looks for less that may interest you. Click on the Polyvore sets for item details.

The Limited Scandal Event..Love!
Style Stamped - Scandal!
Oliva's Look for Less..Style Stamped!
Get A Coat...But Only If It's a Trench.
Scandal Dress Up

Scandal Dress Up by stylestamped 

We will be keeping up with the styles of the show all season. Stay tuned!!



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