5 Ways to Wear a Colorful Blazer

I’ve been talking about color all spring and previously mentioned my love for the colorful updated suit here. The classic office suit has received a major jolt going from dark colors to brights, so much so that you can find a suit in almost any color now. Great news right? The colorful suit expands the look of typical work-wear, but what do you do with the suit when you’re not on the 9-5? I’ve made a video to show a few options below, check it out and let me know what you think! But first, here is how I styled the blazer and pant coordinates together:

And here are options for styling beyond the coordinate pants:

Pink Suit: Zara | White heels: Shoe Dazzle

Have you incorporated a colorful suit into your wardrobe? Let us know what you think and show us how you rock it by using #StyleStamped so we can see!


Yana B.

Photos by Pablo Raya

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