Stamped Street Style Feature: NFL’s Josh Morgan

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It is hard to capture the street style of a city like Washington, DC. There are so many transients here, making it sometimes difficult to identify a native. It’s one large mixing bowl; people are here from all over the country for various reasons.  Most come to the city for some area of Government work.  With all the suits, the true style of DC can be lost. Needless to say, StyleStamped is happy to have found a DC native who can share his personal style with us, Mr. Josh Morgan.  He lives here, plays here…(literally) and reps a mean street style to the fullest. He uses colors and patterns as staples, and incorporates his love for footwear in every look. Of course there is much more to him than his style; he has been blessed with the opportunity to play the position of Wide Receiver for his favorite football team, the Washington Redskins, and he is a huge force in his community (voted the team’s 2012 Walter Payton Man of the Year and voted by the City Council of DC to have his birthday, June 20th, observed as Joshua L. Morgan day).  Also, since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I have to point out that one of Josh’s biggest community service role to date goes towards the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Washington DC, where he serves as the official DC Ambassador and Spokesperson for the organization.  Awesome right? I know.  He is DC’s own and he is most definitely StyleStamped!

Mr. Josh Morgan

Age:  28

Twitter Handle: @NFLJoshMorgan

Facebook Page:

Official Website:


Where are you from? I am from Southeast Washington DC, now residing somewhere in the DMV, Southeast is my heart and we all know home is where the heart is…

♥   If anyone knows that, I do!

What are 5 words to describe your style? Edgy, Swag, Ambitious, Swift, and Fly

♥  Yes, yes, yes, and yes again! I need to pause on the word swift, great descriptive word!

What style of clothes do you feel most comfortable in? I feel most comfortable in Basketball shorts and J’s (Jordan’s).

♥ It doesn’t get anymore comfortable than that! 🙂

What do you feel your style says about you? Trendsetter; my style would say that I’m flashy. How does it connect with your personality? I show my personality through my clothes, I like to show that I’m outgoing yet I fit my attire to the occasion without sacrificing my personal style.

♥  When you walk in the room, your style is noticed for sure! But you’re right, it is always fit for the occasion, with your own personal touch. That is what sets you apart.

What is your favorite color? Red is the color of blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.

♥ Red is my favorite color too! I don’t have a good reason why though. Lol. Maybe I will steal your answer… 🙂

What is your favorite accessory? Shoes; they can be so versatile.

♥  Okay, in mention of shoes, I have a question. I know your nickname is “Feetz,” does shoes have anything to do with your nickname?  [In growing up] my shoe size matched my age…[I] was 9 wearing a size 9, 10 wearing a size 10, 12 wearing a size 12, and I could run fast and jump high even though I had big feet for my size and age so they said I had special feet.  Coach Fuller ( Junior High and High School coach) nicknamed me “Feetz.” I figured since my big feet were getting all of this attention why not keep my feet fresh! So I became a sneaker head. 

♥ Hahaha ok! That makes sense. Your feet are fresh for sure, to say the least!

What is your favorite place to shop? Majors in DC because I love sneakers.

♥ Majors is the spot for freshness, their sneaker inventory is crazy!

What is your most favorite city to visit? New York City; [I like] the pace, and everything about it.  It is great place to visit especially being born of the Hip-Hop generation, NY personifies it; I feel at home away from home.

♥ Earlier you said home is where the heart is, I c an’t agree more. My heart is in NY at all times! 

How do you come up with an outfit? What are the steps you take to put it together? I start my outfits with the shoes and build around them….

♥ But of course you do…haha.

What inspires your style? What do you like most about it? Music and Jay-Z inspire my outfits.

♥ Okay, hip-hop inspired style, and Jay is a good inspiration for style! He’s my favorite rapper, but I’m not biased…lol

What else do you want people to know about you and your style? [It’s] certainly not predictable…I don’t allow what’s “in” to dictate what I wear; my clothes are an extension of me not the other way around.

♥ I love that! Trendsetters make trends and are not married to the outside forces of retail. You are a true trendsetter Mr. Morgan, and your style is crazy! We love it!

Josh’s style feature is in three sections: Sneaker Style, Suit and Tie, and Trendsetter Style. 

Josh’s Sneaker Style:

Josh’s love for sneakers is crazy. I can’t imagine his closet! Take a look of some of his street style looks here. You can tell he starts from the bottom and works his way up when getting dressed!

Josh Kicks 1

Camo is the new neutral!

Josh Loubs

Shoe game crazy!

Josh Kicks7

Chill look, but sneaker game still on fire!

Josh Kicks

Josh Kicks 15

The patterned denim shirt balances out the bold kicks in this look. Fresh!

Josh Kicks 13

I love this sweatshirt, belt, and shoes. A good look!

Josh Kicks 12

Josh Kicks 11

Fun street style!

Josh Kicks 10

Kicks. No caption needed!

Simple but cute. Who else could rock green denim with stars like this? Not many!

Simple but cute. Who else could rock green denim with stars like this? Not many!

Josh Kicks 8

Josh Kicks 3

Love these J’s!

Josh Kicks 4

Feetz! Fly.

josh Kicks 2



Kicks fresh, even for the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure DC Day!

Kicks fresh, even for the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure Day DC (2013)!

Josh’s Suit and Tie Style:

Josh cleans up nice. When I met him he was in a 3 piece suit; clean cut and fitted. When not in a full suit, he wears a vest, which brings a sense of formal but allows for a little more play when it comes to accessories. And in speaking of Josh, of course when I say accessories, I mean shoes.

Josh Suit 5

Formal look: shirt, tie, vest and suit jacket

IMG_3010 (1)

Classy; patterned tie and subtle pin-stripe suit with vest

Josh Suit 4

Cool look: Rolled up sleeves, bold striped tie, and vest. Love! Oh yeah, and the shoes. 🙂

Josh Suit 3

Josh Kicks 14

Josh Suit 7

3 piece suit done right!

Josh Suit 2

Vest and Tie Look, and shoes! I love the shirt, it adds texture to the outfit.

Josh Suit 6

Soft on the top, bold on the bottom, it works. (Peep the socks too)

Soft on the top, bold on the bottom, it works. (Peep the socks too)

Josh Louie

Even at his most dressy, the shoes are still mean!

Josh Suit

This is my favorite look for this section. The purple shirt,patterned tie, and grey suit is a go!

Josh’s Trendsetter Style:

Throughout all of his styles we can see elements of hip-hop and music, but in these looks Josh’s trendsetter style is highlighted most. It’s personal and trailblazing.


White linen shirt, vest, and top hat. Cool!

White linen shirt, vest, aviators, and top hat. Cool!

Men can rock scarves as accessories too!

Men can rock scarves as accessories too!

Checkered scarf and hat; Making this look his own!

Houndstooth scarf and hat; Making this look his own!

Segway in Style. Reppin' his city. But of course!

Segway in Style. But of course!

Made in America

Influential we here.

…now we here.


PHILADELPHIA, PA – DECEMBER 23: Josh Morgan #15 of the Washington Redskins runs to the end zone for a touchdown in the second quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on December 23, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Alex Trautwig/Getty Images)


15. (Photo credit Jennifer Jordan-Harrell Photography)

Thanks Josh! #HTTR #DCsOwn #StyleStamped


Check out the gallery below for additional pictures of Josh doing what he does best  (besides being ridiculously stylish), community service and football.

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