How To Wear It: Boots and Booties

How to wear boots the stylish way!

When it comes to footwear, a lot of women prefer boots as they leave the impression of empowerment that states, “I  can handle any obstacle that comes my way! In a post by Shape, it mentions that various footwear styles are associated with certain personality traits. According to the article, women rocking boots come across as aggressive, especially when wearing an ankle-length style.

Boots come in many different styles, from thigh and knee-high to mid-calf and the common ankle-length, as explained by Lyst. But, some styles get more love than others. For example, the equestrian boot is more versatile when it comes to varying outfits (best with a tailored blazer and slim-cut jeans) versus thigh high boots, for example.

However, wearing boots may leave the wrong impression when it comes to your style and personality. Although they work with almost everything from jeans to dresses, there is a proper way to do wear them, and hopefully this post will help you.

1. Mix classic styles
When going with the classic rain boot, consider pairing them with a trench coat. Timeless pieces always go together, so you can pair them proudly and stylishly forever.

2. Shift to neutrals
If you’re still looking for the perfect pair of boots, choose a pair that work best with the majority of your closet. Opt for a neutral colored pair to get the most mileage for your money.

3. Watch your hemlines
Although boots work with almost everything, dresses and skirts that hide the top of your knee-high boots don’t work. Be mindful of the hemlines of your pants, dresses, and skirts, as it shouldn’t cover your stylish boots.

4. Pair colored booties with dark clothes
A little color goes a long way. Bright colored boots, such as red, can spice up a simple outfit. Even blue jeans or faded denim can enhance your fashion-forward look with an unexpected bright color.

5. Show a little skin
When pairing ankle-length boots with denim, try pairing them with tailored, ankle-length jeans. It will show a little skin, like you would with a pair of pumps which will look great!

How do you wear your booties? Follow Style Stamped for more ideas and tips.

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