A Day to Weekend Look Plus 5 Places to Hang out in DC

Working in DC is great for a few reasons, most of them having to do with things to do AFTER work! We have a few favorite places to hang out that I’ll mention in a few. But what’s the easiest thing to wear to transition from stuffy to stamped? I have a few suggestions. 

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I did a few different things with this look, but the one thing that remained the same is the top. The look on the left is the professional look, with a fun shirt/sweater top combo, plaid pants, and a light blue blazer. The sneakers are a must in DC because we commute heavily and no one is walking around in heels outside in real life. You’d either break your shoes, or your feet, or both! With this look, the sneakers work at the bar if you can’t wait until the weekend and want to head to Happy Hour after work. Nothing else is needed in this case other than a bag big enough to hold the heels you kicked off! 

Then Saturday night comes and what do you wear? Girl pull out that same shirt/sweater combo, this time twist it up with destroyed denim and printed booties and add a belt. Destroyed denim is as far away from professional as denim can get, but the professional top still pairs well. What do they call it? Church on top, party on the bottom? Let’s go!

Shop these looks here:
Now for a fun night out at a few places we love:
Let us know what you think of this look and if you’re in the DC metro area, what you think of our favorite DC spots!


Photos by Reecie Ford

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