Lighten the Mood with Grey

Grey is the type of color that is not a “mood”. Well it is, but not one that you’d want to brag about! If you’re in a grey mood it probably means that you’re having a blah day, feeling down, or not at your best and trust me, I’ve had many “grey” moods and understand completely. When talking about clothing though, grey is a great mood! It’s a wonderful base color that you can add a brighter color to or go full out monochrome with. I actually love grey as a fashion mood, but not so much as a mood mood!

I went full monochrome with this $20 dress from Forever 21. It’s a soft brushed knit off the shoulder dress in heather grey. I paired it with some grey heels that I’ve had for a while that will never go out of style. Grey heels are an entire mood by themselves, don’t you think?

This exact dress is sold out online but I’ve linked a few similar faves, as well as shoes, below.

I also want to leave you with some funnies in case you’re actually in a grey mood to help you get out of it, get moving, and turn that mood into a fashion statement, only!

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What are some ways you lighten your mood? And how do you incorporate grey into your wardrobe?

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Photos by Reecie Ford

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