Hitting the Reset Button

It’s been a while, but I’m back! This month has been busy; I’ve been from NY to Colorado and back to DC. With all of the ripping, running, driving, and flying, I had to press the reset button and escape to the mountains of Maryland, in full Style Stamped fashion of course!


It was a great weekend, although I must admit I was a little nervous about spending 3 days in a log cabin with very little internet and cell phone coverage. More than that, we got caught in an extremely dramatic snowstorm on the way there, it was pitch dark and “blizzarding” like crazy! We drove with our hazard lights on in single file up a steep mountain while only able to see the car directly in front of us. I thought it was a great start to an adventurous weekend.

Once we finally arrived to Deep Creek, Md., (a place that I’d vaguely heard of and thought was in a totally different state) I was in awe of the little town. There were log cabins and big house cabins on hills, ski slopes, and little country stores all surrounded by a huge lake, which to my surprise is man-made!  The lake was frozen but there were people walking on it and ice-skating which I had no desire to do. But I did try my hand at skiing for the first time which was a lot of fun, especially since I managed to make out with no broken bones and only one fall.

One thing about being in the mountains in February, in a ski area, is that is obviously cold. But no, like it was really C-O-L-D. It was below zero degrees on the first day and we were freezing.  I wore more layers at one time than I’ve ever worn at one time probably in my life, and I grew up in NY. When skiing, I wore two pairs of fleece tights, a pair of jeans, snow pants, and on top an undershirt, a long sleeve thermal, a sweater, a sweatshirt, and a long coat. I couldn’t believe I had on all that and didn’t break a sweat. It’s hard to stay cute in the cold, but I managed. 🙂 When going on a trip like this I learned to 1. Bring a lot of items that can be layered; 2. Make sure you have hats and gloves (my fingers froze!) and all weather boots; and 3. If you’re staying in a small house or cabin, make sure you’re with people you really like. ❤️

Needless to say, my reset button has officially been pushed. I could get used to weekend getaways…every week…

Cheers to more adventures in 2016, and remember to K.I.S.S. ~

Keep It Style Stamped!


Yana’s wearing: A knit beanie, skinny jeans, Clarks boots, plaid shirt, grey sweater, and her beau’s Polo puffer vest.

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