The Style of Parkside Westphalia

Fall is the perfect time to explore your neighborhood and appreciate the foliage that always seems to make everyone’s street brighter. The leaves changing highlight houses, streets, and even your outfit as you stand near them. Fall is a wonderful time to just go outside and explore, and that’s exactly what we did in our Maryland neighborhood of Parkside Westphalia. More than that, we explored some of the new houses in the neighborhood which are totally “Style Stamped” on the inside and out showing that style extends far beyond dress. Style is in everything we do, from clothes to our decor, our neighborhood, and even our car!


This beautiful kitchen was brought to life with hints of blues, greys, and a touch of burgundy. My blue embellished waist strap maxi dress from asos maternity blended perfectly with the elegant decor. Do you have an elegant kitchen?  What is your kitchen style?

What about your bedroom style? I know a lot of people are into romantic decor for the bedroom, for obvious reasons :). This bedroom was certainly romantic and contemporary at the same time. It creates a space for thinking, talking, and of course, dressing!  A full size mirror is a must in a bedroom, how else will you know if you’re Style Stamped that day?

Kids love their space too. My daughter has certainly grown into her style that is now reflected in her room. She’s a pre-teen, so her look, and her room style, have both grown in the same direction over the past few months. She wears converse with everything, and anything too “girly” is not what she’s into. It’s all denim and graphic sweats! This cute little denim dress with embroidery is from H&M, one of her favorite stores right now.

Fall can be a range of temperatures here on the east coast, making your outfits sometimes vary greatly from day-to-day. This variance is what makes many people love fall fashion. The range is endless! From boots, to chunky sweaters, to jackets of all kind, there is no limit to fall fashion. And the fall leaves are a great backdrop for all outfits! I chose a chunky open front balloon sleeve sweater from asos and a pair of brown knee-high riding boots (similar here) on this perfect fall day. I added a plaid scarf and a red envelope bag. A touch of red always goes a long way on a fall day! My daughter wore her “Harvard” hoodie (similar here) and a pair of black sparkle uggs.

This neighborhood boasts of walking trails, and so much more to come next year. Being only 10 miles or less from DC, it’s the perfect location to everything while being a great oasis away from everything at the same time. What neighborhood would be complete without a park for the kids? My daughter is not a kiddie but she still loves to hang and play, literally!

Just about everyone in this neighborhood goes to work on a daily basis and many people work in DC. Business casual is a top go to for work attire, with a little comfort mixed in for the commute. I always wear a blazer no matter the weather, and you’ll never go wrong with basics such as a midi black skirt with a top. I’m a lazy commuter, I actually drive everyday whereas most people take a commuter bus or the metro.

What’s the style of your neighborhood? Does it go with your overall style? This neighborhood is certainly a reflection of my personal style, due to the location, the newness, the many Government workers in the area, the children, and the expanding families :). We fit right in!

This shoot, in collaboration with the Place Makers Project and shot by Reecie Best of QT Photography Studio, was so much fun. I learned a lot more about a neighborhood that I’m already very familiar with plus it gave me a great reason to go outside on this beautiful day! Here are some of our behind the scene shots:

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Tell us what you think below! And don’t forget to check out the Placemakers Project and QT Photography Studio. Until next time…


~XOXO Yana B.


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