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New York City is the most populated city in the United States and is known as one of the most urban places on earth. New York is a city of influence for others, it is at the forefront of finance, art, and fashion.  New Yorkers set trends for others to follow even when they are not trying. There is art and culture in the air of NYC, it is the big city of lights that never sleeps. It is truly the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there is nothing you can’t do here. If you can make it here you can make it anywhere.  New Yorkers are different all throughout the city; their residential location seeps into who they are and that’s often expressed through their look.  What they share is the love for their city, no matter what borough they live in.  New Yorkers love New York, even those who leave and move to other States or Countries never forget where they are from, the love for the city never dies. Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.  The New York girl loves to express herself through fashion and no matter what borough she is from, she makes her look her own.

Brooklyn’s Finest

Brooklyn's Finest

The girl from Brooklyn, NY has a personality that is as large as the borough she lives in.  BK is the most populous borough in NYC but the BK girl knows how to stand out.  She’s stylish but frugal; she knows how to stretch a dollar and be efficiently green.  She’s active; bike riding is not only a form of transportation it’s a means for exercise.  From a fashion standpoint, she knows how to mix prints and colors while staying comfortable. She carries essentials with her and she rides her bike across the Brooklyn Bridge in style to get to her job in Manhattan. While riding, she enjoys the sights and the people; she is a free thinker and enjoys all of the culture that her city has to offer. She represents BK to the fullest. #BKNaturalHollywoodChic

Uptown Uptown

Harlem Uptown NYC Girl

Harlem is a large neighborhood in Manhattan located in the northern section of the borough, or “uptown.” Largely populated by African Americans since the early 1900’s “Great Migration”, Harlem has always been known for its culture and art that was birthed during the Harlem Renaissance.  One icon of this artistic culture familiar to most is found on 125th Street- the Apollo Theater.  The 80 year old music hall has been a home to many African American greats in the music and movie industry.

Music, culture, and neighborhood branding identified by cross-streets and housing communities is what makes up the Harlem population.  Not to be confused with what goes on below 110th street, the Harlem girl stays uptown. She’s stern but sweet, she gets her point across the first time and is not here to be crossed.  She loves clothes that brand her and represent where she’s from. Uptown Uptown! She’s colorful in dress and in character.  She can kick it in Jordan’s or stilettos without changing  her clothes.  She’s transparent; what you see is what you get. She listens to music while riding the subway, she’s stylish and into labels.  She loves her designer handbags, jewelry, and fragrance.  She loves hanging out with friends and family. She’s loyal to her ‘hood. She can be boogie in her own right. She’s not interested in what you think! She’s her own person and creates her own style. She’s comfortable in her skin and her clothes. Hair is a huge part of her look, be it out in a natural style or wrapped up in a doobie. She’s an uptown girl, she’s from Harlem. #HarlemNaturalHollywoodChic

The Boogie Down

BX Hip Hop Started Out in the Park...

Hip hop started here. The Yankees play here. The train runs mostly above ground here.  The Bronx is a huge borough and the third most densely populated county in the United States.  From the South Bronx to Riverdale, this borough is extremely diverse just like the girl who lives here.  She likes to smile, she loves her shoes, and she likes to be cute, fly, and fun.  She’s a little flashy at times and loves sparkles and metallic hues. She can shop anywhere to find her look be it in Manhattan or on Fordham Road. She’s “Sophista-Chic” and sexy, skinny jeans are her fave. #BXNatrualHollywoodChic

Manhattan Girl

Downtown Girl - Manhattan Chic

She’s at the epi-center of fashion in the city that never sleeps. She is a walking fashion plate and she has been her entire life.  She’s worked hard to be able to “get the look” without having to worry about the price tag.  She knows how and where to shop.  She is a curator of couture and has an appetite for high-end.  Fabrics and silhouettes determine her look and she treats every outfit of the day as if it is the best outfit she’s ever put together. She rarely repeats but she does recycle her pieces to create different looks. She prides herself on her classy taste and her closet is her personal sanctuary, inspired by Vogue. She makes an entrance when she walks in the room before she opens her mouth.  She’s a walking fashion plate; people draw inspiration from her artistic energy and her creative, classy, and couture style. Her confidence solidifies who she is – she is fashion. She is New York. #DowntownNaturalHollywoodChic

Village Chic

NYU Girl
Greenwich Village is an exiting part of lower Manhattan that is associated with artist and bohemianism.  There is a sense of unconventionality that has always resided in the Village made alive by the people who inhabit this space.  Fashion in the Village has no limit – it’s individual, it’s youthful, it’s artistic. The Village girl has lived in lower Manhattan all of her life and is not a stranger to the finer things in life but she is a stickler for frugality and staying true to her artistic vibe. She is young spirited with an education from a NY State University and aspires to incorporate her love for art with her love for knowledge.  She shops at second hand stores for quality items to incorporate into her wardrobe; she gathers her inspiration from museums, books, and live music. She is extremely individualistic but concerned with the communities of the world.  She wants to help and be a force of change.  She draws and does photography in her spare time.  Her look is odd but consistent, she blends in and stands out at the same time. She is a product of her environment cultivated by art transformed into fashion. #NaturalHollywoodVillageChic

“New York girls are fashion. We are style. We are Natural Hollywood because we are original, that is what we pride ourselves on.

We are New York.” ~ Yana B.

See this post as published in the Fall/Winter edition of Natural Hollywood Magazine where Yana B. is featured.
Yana B. of in Times Square, NYC. Photo Courtesy of MG Young Photography.

Yana B. of in Times Square, NYC. Photo Courtesy of MG Young Photography.

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