Style Stamped Too

I can’t count the days that go by where I hear “Does this match Mama? How does this look?” with my daughter looking in the mirror with an outfit comprised of a shirt and pants that have no business being together. I give a slight reply, “Nook, how about changing out the shirt for this one?” But just as easily predicted to the timing of the original question is the response to my opinion which is “Well I’m just a kid so it doesn’t really matter”,  and she proceeds to put on the mismatched outfit as planned. I stand there with a confused look on my face each time asking “Well why did you ask me then?” Her response, “Because you think you know so much about fashion but you really don’t.” All I can do is shake my head and laugh, because she’s my child and maybe she’s right. There is a lot about fashion that I don’t know especially when it comes to a child who’s right in the middle of leaving out of the kid zone and trying to figure out her way into teenagery. The funny thing is that when I demand she put on an outfit that I pick out, a few minutes later she’s glowing in the mirror saying how much she loves the outfit. So I take that back, I know how to make her Style Stamped too, but maybe I can work on my language of style re-direction. This section of the blog will be for all of the moms and dads of tweens as well as the tweens themselves who are in this area of new territory of life that no one really has a blueprint for: somewhere between a kid and a teen.  It’s a challenging area for many, but not without a dose of humor. You can’t forget the humor in this awkward phase of pre-puberty and growing pains and spurts, while watching your child and their friends see the world like they never have before. Since this is a part of my current life, and this is my blog…lol…I decided to add this page in for us all to help increase the humor, the relationship, and of course the style. Even if sometimes we don’t think it as parents, they believe they are Style Stamped Too and we have to support that, and guide them with ease to the best of our ability without bending over in laughter or breaking out in tears.



As a mom of an eleven year old girl it’s inevitable for me to get into major discussions on clothes, society, friends and life. She, along with her friends who grace my house just about every weekend are at a time in their life where they are moving from being kids to teens, and fall somewhere gracefully right in between the two. It’s still funny how much they actually do know about life, including the fact that as much as they look up to me, they want to constantly remind me that they are Style Stamped too.  So this is a page dedicated to them, all my Style Stamped Too tween girls.  xoxo

Style Stamped 2.8