Work Wear Warm!

Cold weather can be so hard on your skin, your hair…and your work wear cuteness. It’s quite a challenge to wear work clothes on extremely cold days when it would be much more conventional to throw on a pair of jeans, Uggs and a sweatshirt. Couple the cold with an outdoors public transportation commute…and you’re just about ready to give up on going to work all together. If your job is anything like mine, jeans, Uggs, and sweatshirts aren’t an option no matter what the temperature is. But, there are a few solutions to this winter dilemma. Check out a few Style Stamped tips below!

Work Wear Warm!

1. Layers! I wear undershirts (yes, wife beaters and/or cami’s) underneath all tops between October and April. Add a button down shirt, and on top of that a sweater. That’s three layers right there before putting on your coat. If it gets too hot in the office, slip off the sweater and keep it moving!

2. Tights! Yup. Any kind of tights will do. I’m from NY so I grew up wearing tights and long-johns under my clothes. Currently, I still wear tights, sometimes two at a time, even under slacks. The best purchase I’ve ever made for cold weather are the fleece tights. You can find them at any Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, or Target for less.

3. Accessories! Accessories are there for any kind of outfit turn up. Don’t leave home without your bling, which can dress up any drab sweater and take the focus off your aim to stay alive and warm in sub-arctic temps and re-direct the focus to what a cute outfit you have on.

4. Skirts! Don’t be afraid to wear a skirt in the winter. As mentioned in #2, get those fleece tights and you won’t even notice that you’re rocking a skirt in 25 degree weather.

5. Boots! Booties are always fun and cute, but knee-high boots are where it’s at for winter. You can wear them with the skirt and tights or under your slacks and no one will know but your warm and toasty calves.

In this work wear outfit I wore a button down polka-dot shirt from Banana Republic under a hot pink Ralph Lauren cable knit sweater. Under my knee-length skirt I had on two pairs of tights, one regular and one fleece lined. I wore lace up booties and a J. Crew necklace for accessories. I had on a full-length coat, but needless to say I was warm both inside and outside of work!

How do you do work wear warm while K.I.S.S. (Keeping It Style Stamped)?


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