Work (2) Party

The holiday season is upon us! It seems like it was just summertime, but here we are fully immersed in holiday cheer, surrounded by the retail of Christmas, holiday parties, and work potlucks. This week I went to a party that was right after work, with no time to change in between. I picked an outfit that was work appropriate, of course, but one that also left room for the flexibility to go from day 2 night.

Work 2 Party!

This Jacquard pattern skirt is a perfect pattern to go from work to out. I paired the skirt with a navy button down and blue heels for work, and did the switcheroo to gold heels for after work. I also switched up the bag for this work to after-hours chic look.

Pretty simple. Start with a look that will work in the office, but easy to change-up with a quick heel and accessory. Two looks, one outfit!

K.I.S.S. – Keep it Style Stamped!

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