What to Wear Now: The Jersey Knit Dress

Style Stamped fact – every woman needs a few jersey dresses in their wardrobe. Why? First, it’s one of the most easiest garments to transfer from day to night. Second, it’s comfortable. Third, it can be very flattering when you choose the right style for your body type. Lastly, because it’s a Style Stamped fact!

My BFF came to visit me not too long ago and we went out on the town in DC. She, like myself, loves fashion and dressing up. I’m sure that has a little bit to do with why we have been friends for the past 18 years. We loved each other from day one – I remember the first time I heard her speak with her New York accent and scratchy/deep voice, it sounded like my words coming out of her mouth. It was quite odd, especially since we met in North Carolina but were obviously from NY. To this day, it’s not uncommon for us to look in each others closets and find similar garments. Therefore, it was no shock that we each came out that night in a jersey dress. Our style is similar, although not the exact same which makes it fun! I guess that’s why people have best friends. Kiss


I chose a coral sleeveless, v-neck, draping jersey dress with a knotted detail at the waist. I love the color and flattering fit of this dress – not too tight but fitted in all of the right places. That’s the tricky part with wearing a jersey dress, you have to find one that flatters your shape to keep it grown, sexy, and Style Stamped! I paired the dress with minimal jewelry and multi-colored heels. At first I was unsure about the shoes because of the color similarity to the dress, but the color-block, asymmetrical lines, and peep-toe added a good balance. Of course I had on my bright lipstick, (I love lipstick if you didn’t know) and my twist-out came out great (finally!) so I was ready!

My bestie wore a dress that is very on trend right now – a jersey dress with a high split that showed off her toned legs. This dress is sleeveless with a gathered detail at the waist. I loved that she paired the dress with these very eye catching strappy neon heels…they are fire! Minimal makeup, jewelry and a wash-and-go and we were out.

Another great thing about jersey dresses is that you can take them from summer to fall by just adding a layer. A fitted jean jacket or a cropped hoodie will provide warmth on the chilly days and nights, while not taking away from your sexy look!

Knit Dress Turnover
Edging into Fall

Stay simple, sexy, and Style Stamped!! ~ xoxo Yana B.

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