Weekend What to Wear

It’s been a long week, at least it has been for me! The weekends can’t come soon enough, not only for two days of rest from the hustle and bustle but also from the weekly attire of being suited and booted! The weekends are an opportunity to relax in mind, body, and clothing! So now you’ll ask…well what to wear?

Weekend What to Wear 1

No need to struggle and fret, it’s the weekend! Mix and match. Add some color in your accessories or coat, and play around with neutral footwear. Something about neutral shoes or boots really makes an outfit pop while also giving you room to be playful on top!

Weekend Wear 2

Since it is still cold outside, don’t forget your coat. It was 10 degrees here this morning, so an overcoat was a necessity more than an option. Use your coat to top off your outfit, it’s the only way to ensure you keep it cute, while staying warm!

Have a great weekend!

~ Yana B.

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