The Spirit and Fashion of 2015


Life is not a piece of cake for all of us. For some of you it very well may be, and that is to be celebrated if so. You help keep the order of things afloat. The world is only balanced because of all of the individuals that make up the human race; our experiences, our personalities, our thoughts. I’ve been on this earth for a few years (not too many and not too few), and I feel like I’m already at the stage of, what else is there for me to learn??? I’ve been through a lot. Most of you know my story – ballet dancer and track runner who got sick at 15 with Lupus, fated to kidney dialysis by the time I was a junior in college and blessed with a kidney transplant less than a year later, single mom before 25 and many other stories in between. Many. For me, I think Langston Hughes wrote it best, “…life for me ain’t been no crystal stair”. But in the same breath, I can say that I’m here for a reason, since I’m still here. Then I remember another famous author, God, who said in Ecclesiastes 9:11 that “The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned…”  I know that I’m not among the swift or strong, wise or wealthy, and my brilliancy is biased (depending on who’s asking and who’s telling). But I have lived long enough to know that one thing is for sure, joy comes in the morning, and I find solitude in another thing that He says in Matthew, “But many who are first will be last; and the last, first.” That to means I”m guaranteed first place at some point. So let’s ride.


Life moves along even when you don’t want it to. The older I get, the more accepting I am of time. It can be good. So, what are my plans for 2015? To be who I’m supposed to be. That is my goal for 2015, nothing more and nothing less. My aspirations are based around what I can physically and mentally do to the best ability that I can do them. That may not be much with a full time kid and job. But…it’s whatever within my reach and in my opinion, I have a pretty long reach. We spend so much time exerting ourselves and our minds at the beginning of each New Year, but our chromosomes, our God, and our fate may already have plans for us. We can’t all go from 0-100 real quick like Drake. Do they even make cars that go that fast? It snowed yesterday and my V-6/4-wheel drive SUV was looking just as stuck as everyone else. Why? Because it was snowing. Everything moves at the pace that is set for them considering the given circumstances. I thought my SUV should’ve been going faster but it was like son, it’s snowing mad hard, chill out. As long as you’re going somewhere…and you’re trying..the key is in the ignition and there is gas in the tank….you’re gonna ride. And I believe that it’s all gonna work out, you’ll get there in time, whether it’s now or later. Just don’t forget me when it’s time! I certainly won’t forget you.

Wearing my favorite new sweatshirt from River Island, Jeans with faux leather and zippers (similar here), and my Keyshia Cole for Steve Madden graffiti pumps (similar here).

Love you guys.

The Spirit of Fashion is Everywhere!

The Spirit of Fashion is Everywhere! 

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