The Makings of Minimal Style

“Minimalist style” means “effortless” in our opinion.  It’s an expression used to explain a style that is not void of interest, because appearing “effortless” is actually interesting. Although these words are specific, in essence all good style should appear as effortless and simple as a white tee and jeans. Attitude helps sell the minimalist look as well; coming across self-confident and calm makes the minimalist look “very well put together.” Take it from Victoria, Lupita, and Zoë, all super stylish women who make minimal style look everything BUT basic.

The best thing about a minimal style is that it’s obtainable for everyone and you don’t have to go shopping for it, you most likely have what it takes in your closet. Of course the look can expand beyond jeans and a tee. Add a blazer, a pencil skirt, trousers, flats, heels, and sneakers even! Experiment with your neutrals, blacks, whites, and denim. Add colorful accessories and interesting shoes. Build your closet on good fitting and well-made articles of clothing and shoes that will last from trend to trend. Minimalist style is eternal. It’s cool to have trendy pieces in your closet, but build your closet upon foundation pieces that will take you from year to year, style to style, and even age to age!

I don’t consider myself a minimalist at heart but it’s a style that I embrace while adding a little Style Stamped flair. What does that mean? I’ll wear a white wrap shirt maybe instead of a basic tee if I’m wearing denim, and maybe my shorts will be exaggeratedly distressed denim. With those Style Stamped details my shoes and accessories will be minimal, but if I have a cool bag I’ll throw that in. Here’s an example:

All of these items have been in my closet for years and I’ve just never paired them together. The bag is new, it’s a fab find from Marshall’s. It’s a nostalgic Walkman-styled cross-body Marc by Marc Jacobs named “Out Loud” which actually retailed for a LOT. I call it a fab find because Marshall’s had it on red-tag sale making it about 85% off! Although some may classify this as a trend piece, I think I’ll like to accessorize with it for years to come. After all, I owned a yellow Walkman back in the day!

image1What do you have in your closet that you’re overlooking because it seems “basic” and isn’t yelling “look at me world!” Try putting some of these overlooked pieces together and you may be surprised. Those forgotten jeans might pair well with that new shirt you just purchased to wear to the beach, or that pencil skirt from work might pair well with your white Saturday tee and simple sneakers. Find your style by not looking so hard for it sometimes. Relax, be confident, have fun….and be Style Stamped!

As always, let us know what you think in the comment section below!


xoxo ~ Yana B.



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    I love this blog post! I often try to wear outfits that look effortless. Love how you said to accentuate a basic look with colorful heels, a blazer, or a hot bag!

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