Stylist Files: Taking the Old with the New Year

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Leave the past in the past, and look forward to what’s new is a common quote that heralds around the New Year.  The birth of a year that has never before been seen by anyone on earth brings a special excitement to the whole world. People celebrate a New Year coming with resolutions, “New Year, New Me” and other goals and rules to outline the next 12 months. Usually these resolutions are long gone after the first month, and old habits and ways are allowed back in. The first of the year is rarely thought about as the year goes on. Not until that year comes to a close again.

Instead of trying so hard to get rid of our past, what if we embraced it instead? What if we kept some of it preserved like that old wedding dress or grandma’s china?  What if we took the past and reflected upon its beauty and awed over the experiences and saved the best memories in a safe place? Life is like a closet. We continue to buy clothes as time progresses and get rid of the old as time goes by. But…we don’t get rid of everything that is old because certain things mean something. They are a symbol of a memory, an event, a person.  Most of our past has significance just as several pieces of our clothes do. This has always been! That is why we feel so excited to hold a piece of the past, to wear a piece of the past, even if it is not from our past.  That is the fascination and connection to vintage.  Can we have this same fascination about bringing some of the old into a New Year? Everything shouldn’t have to go, there is a lot of good that should stay we just don’t focus on it. We focus on what we can do better, what we can do in a new way. Most people bring the New Year in with a new outfit. Would it have the same, if not more significance to have an outfit that had seen a New Year or several before?

Vintage clothes give a modern closet a breath of fresh air. New air. That sounds contradictory I’m sure but just think about those few special pieces in your wardrobe that are one of a kind. You will always be an original while wearing vintage!

Taking the old with the new is a perfect option for a night out.  I went into my friends’ store “Instant Vintage 78” and found two vintage dresses that would be perfect to bring in a New Year with or to attend an elegant event anytime during the year. Since the 80’s and 90’s were a great time of glam and expressive glamour, I chose a blue dress with beading. The use of colors and beading on gowns magnifies excitement and and the intent to have a good time.  The intention to have a good time while out at an event is always on everyone’s agenda. So why not go vintage glam!

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The blue dress is a sweetheart cut with a slit. The beading is impeccable and compliments the electric blue color, balancing it out while not taking away from the dress’ star-worthy look.  When shopping for the perfect dress and you decided to include vintage, find a dress that fits or one that has room for alterations.  Remember beading and tears can be mended. Add some accessories and make it your own!

The second dress I chose from Instant Vintage 78 was a beaded sweetheart also, but it was a black sheer design batwing that I personally loved. This dress should probably be worn with a slip unless you don’t mind going out like a risqué celebrity. It had a slit up the back and was to die for!

As we embark into the new year number 2014, don’t forsake everything old for the new. There are some things worth bringing along.

~Photos by Strike A Poz Photography.


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