Summer Style, Festival Fun!

One of the best things about the summer months is well, doing things outdoors. Events like “The Taste Of…”(whatever city you’re in), wine festivals, and jazz in the park, all help make summertime worth while. It also gives individuals like me who find fashion and art in most everything a chance to people watch and see what people are wearing and how they put their outfits together when no one in particular is watching. So here’s my confession – I recently went to the Taste of Arlington in Arlington, VA and after about 10 minutes I became bored. For entertainment purposes which then became more of a Style Stamped art project, I took out my camera and began snapping photos of people. The more I snapped my camera, the deeper into it I became, as ordinary people watching can be more interesting than a celebrity red carpet show. I felt like I was at a fashion show on the street and I was the main spectator. I found myself becoming so into it that I’d snapped over 200+ photos (which took forever to edit) after an hour or so. After so many snapshots I began to see trends; cross-body bags, tattoos, patterned dresses, denim shorts, funky shoes, edgy hairstyles, dogs who are loved, etc. Me, I wore what I felt was a typical summer outing look; DIY cut-off denim shorts, a silk flowy top, wide brimmed hat, sunnies, a statement necklace, small cross-body bag, and nude perforated slip-ons (my favorite purchase for this summer so far). I’m in love with the Coachella look so anytime I get to replicate an outdoor festival look I’m extremely happy!

Silk flowy top: similar here from T.J. Maxx, Cut off shorts: similar here, Aerin slip-ons, wide-brim hat: similar here.

Festival Ready to Wear!

So now Style Stampers, you get to people watch with me! I had a really fun time behind the lens at this event. Look at the fashionable people, items, and dogs that I captured.

Cross Body Bags and Prints:

Dresses, Skirts, Patterns, and Tops!

Festival Footwear:

Hair, Hats and Tatts!

Dogs of Style:

Needless to say, I had a great time. My youngest brother was there and he purchased all of our tickets so we got to experience the many various food vendors. My daughter wanted to share her “BFF” Coca-Cola with me. My friend stood right under the Ballston sign, making for a great shot. Most importantly…they had funnel cakes. Life is good!! Get out this summer and enjoy it. It will be the only summer of 2015  that you will ever get to experience during this lifetime. xoxo ~ Yana B.

What are your summer 2015 plans? Are you traveling or experiencing the local scene? We’d love to hear from you and see what you wear! Tag us on Twitter @Stylestamped or IG @Style.Stamped.

Love you guys. Make fashion fun!

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    Looks like you ended up having a lot of fun. I love this idea of going to a festival taking pictures. I live in an area where there’s always something going on. I might try this for a post this summer 🙂 #BLMGirl

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      It was a lot of fun. I found myself inspired by the people who were there. I got lost in the photos and fashion. I’m glad you were able to people watch with me! When you do your post let me know, I’d love to see it! Xoxo

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