Stylist Files: It’s in the Details

Sometimes a mood calls for an outfit with excitement and lot’s of detail. A little color, a lot of sparkle, or some of both. The dilemma comes in when you have so many wonderful pieces of clothing and you want to wear them all…at the same time. People often ask me how I come up with exciting outfits while maintaining balance. I admit, it sometimes takes a bit of trial and error to dot the i’s and cross the t’s of a look. Of course there is a such thing as doing too much – the goal is not to wear articles of clothing that clash and make the outfit heavy. When there are too many things to look at in one outfit, you miss the mark! I recently wore an outfit that had a lot of detail, from head to toe…literally!


The day I put together this outfit was a cold day! Weather always poses a dilemma when trying to put together a special look. The coldness can be a nuisance because it’s hard to be bundled up and cute! I started with layers – an undershirt of course, then a button up lace shirt with a large bow. I topped my layers with a mixed-media boxy embellished sweatshirt with grey sleeves and shoulder details. I wore a pair of my favorite jeans with embellished sides, suede fringed booties with a gold metal front accent, tons of bracelets and an ear cuff. I polished off the look with a dark lip and a natural side bang up-do type situation.

I even went so far as to….yup!

Needless to say I was in a very detail oriented, coordinating, happy mood Kiss

It's in the Details

So, the takeaway is:

1. Don’t be afraid to do details! Mix up fabrics and embellishments. Throw in a little color and a lot of accessories.

2. Look in the mirror! Relax on the clothing if it’s too heavy looking, and stick with special pieces of accessories and cute shoes.

3. Fits and cuts of clothing equal details too! There is nothing like a special cut of a top or the way a dress drapes or the way a pair of pants fit.

4. Be yourself! Keep it cute and Style Stamped!

Questions? You can always ask us!


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