Stylist Files: Golden Holiday Looks

The holidays are upon us! What do you have in store for all of the Christmas and New Year’s Parties? Yes there is the common colors of red, white, and green. But this is StyleStamped so we have to come with something different. Therefore, we offer you GOLD. Not the gold that drips and drapes from the necks of kings and queens, but the fabrics that embody the hottest chicks on the fashion scene. Take away something from our inspiration boards below and make it the best end of the year that you’ve ever had!


Shorts are a sexy alternative to skirts and dresses.  Here we added a belt, shirt, and some tights and called it done. Shorts are a stand-out item in the summer and the winter, but especially in the winter because they go against the “norm” of the season and for good reason, it’s cold! That is why you add tights or stockings to keep the gams warm but sexy at the same time.  For a reasonable price, Forever 21 is a good go-to spot for this look. They have quite a few dressy shorts in their Fall 2013 collection, in stores now!

A StyleStamped Christmas


For a more sophisticated look, make the gold a legging or jean. The metallic look is always in style, so even if you splurge on some metallic denim it will always be around. StyleStamped believes in buying what you will be able to rotate in your closet again and again and again. Shopping should be an investment, not  a splurge. Build a wardrobe that you can depend on, that you can make strong for both now and in the future.

StyleStamped Christmas 3


Aaaah, the gold dress. Now the gold dress is for sure a wardrobe staple. No matter the style, you can always add to a gold dress to make it what you want in any season. How? Because all colors go with gold. It is a neutral color, therefore, you can throw in a belt or blazer and some jewelry to switch it up. In the Christmas season, it is especially pretty and sexy for the events you want to attend. Bluefly has a great assortment of dresses in gold!

StyleStamped Christmas 2

What is your favorite holiday look?


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