Stylist Files: Fair Isle for Christmas!

Christmas and the Holidays are a wonderful time of year for family and friends. It’s a time to have fun, kick back, and not care about a thing. So why not dress the way you feel? You know we promote that type of motivation for dressing here at Style Stamped. So with that said, what did you wear on Christmas? Everyone talks about what they will wear on New Years Eve, but what about on Christmas day while you’re lounging around, eating and opening gifts, talking and laughing ? 🙂

I’ve been into the Fair Isle / Jacquard sweater look this season as seen in our Christmas Photos so I figured I’d be comfortable yet stylish and wear a similar pattern sweater dress on Christmas. I drove south to visit my family in NC and it was an unusually warm 25th of December day. Because of the weather, I didn’t need layers but had it been colder, I would’ve definitely paired this sweater dress with a denim jacket or shirt.

Dress – H&M, Over the knee Boots – (similar here)

Fashion Fun Fact: Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colors. It is named after Fair Isle, a tiny island (3 square miles long and 1.5 miles wide) in the north of Scotland. Knitting probably reached Fair Isle by around the year 1500. Fair Isle knitting gained a considerable popularity when the Prince of Wales (later to become Edward VIII) wore Fair Isle tank tops in public in 1921. (What we would call sweater-vests today). After World War II, many soldiers took home Fair Isle style scarves, tams, mittens, and sweaters. (References: Wikipedia & The Purloined Letter)

I had a great time on Christmas, and I hope you did too! Although my dad pulled my hair to see if my afro was a wig (it’s so not!)…we had a great time. Here’s to more good times in 2015….


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