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Style Stamped was invited to be a host for a Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend event and it turned out to be a great time.  Style Stamped, along with 9 other local Washington, DC area businesses got together to serve as hosts for an organization called “10 Friends.” 10 Friends hand-picks various businesses to host events throughout the year, providing a medium to network and publicize positive businesses. My friends and I were in the building to turn up!

Style Stamped, The Huxley, Forever 21, Ten Friends, 10 Friends

My girls and I got together to support the event by dressing up and having fun.  That’s all we really want to do anyway; dress up for a good time! These chicks in particular have a confidence that makes hanging out with them even more fun.   I love seeing everyone’s respective personal style, as no two of us look alike.  We all represent Style Stamped; artsy, confident, and in love with fashion and ourselves. We are focused on life and all of the good it has to offer! I felt blessed to be in their company on this night and to have their support of me and 10 Friends!

I had a vision of  what I wanted to wear to the event, and it included long sleeves. I thought it would be a long-sleeved dress, but when I found this jumper, I knew this was the one. Where did  I find it? Good old Forever 21. There was one catch; they did not have my size in the store! There was one left that was two sizes two big. But I was not dismayed, I had to make it work. Plus I had no choice, it was 30 minutes before the store’s closing and just a few hours before the event. So safety pins were on deck for some quick at home alterations!

I opted for a black jumper with sheer sleeves (Find similar here). I added a belt that I purchased from the store a few months ago (a Style Stamped fave!) and some gold Kate Spade ‘Liza’ heels. I can’t forget to mention the ‘Mile High Bun’ hairstyle, lol. I loved it though! I took advantage of the Huxley’s “Library Room’ filled with books as a backdrop for photo ops (of course).  The books are real too – novels and Encyclopedias (remember those??). In case you ever get tired of Googling, head over to the Huxley for a drink and a good read, lol.

Style Stamped, The Huxley, Forever 21, Romper Style Stamped, The Huxley, Forever 21, Romper Style Stamped, The Huxley, Forever 21, Romper

All of my friends were Style Stamped!! Wasn’t nobody messing with my clique! 🙂


Sometimes you meet the right group of people and they remind you that life is great! That was these girls on this night. Good times with great people, we made it a Style Stamped event!





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