StyleStamped Spotted: The Kardashian Christmas Card 2013

What a difference a year can make in families. Births, marriages, divorces, moves, you name it can happen within a year. The Kardashian family is an American family that shows us how rapidly families can change from year-to-year.  To keep up with the state of their family (outside of watching their TV-reality-show), we can take a look at their annual Christmas card for clues.  The family has created a card for the past 23 years. This year, we see a few different themes resonating throughout their card; the incredible influence of Kim’s fiancé Kanye West (they used his photographer), the lack of male presence due to various circumstances (Lamar and Khloé ‘s troubles, Kanye’s out of pocket, etc.), Bruce demanded to be included (and won), and the “turn-down for what” attitude of the head woman in charge, Kris Jenner.


The annual Kardashian Christmas Card always gets attention for one reason or another. But this year, the card is as non-traditional as ever, possibly another parallel between the family that writes the book on “non-tradition.”  The family used a new photographer, recommended by Kanye West, and ditched their usual photographer Nick Saglimbeni for fashion photographer and Kanye fave David LaChapelle.


The theme that LaChapelle had in mind for the Kardashian card was an “Action Film Set,” and the result is quite “action-packed” and colorful, to say the least. He didn’t want children in the card, but  Kourtney objected and Penelope and Mason are hence added to the “Christmas” art.

Symbols and graffiti and dollar bill signs and lights run rampant in the photo; tabloid magazine covers featuring the Star’s crumpled on the floor, Bruce Jenner’s throw-back Wheaties box in front of the “all seeing eye” Pyramid, a floating baby, a mural of a naked woman breastfeeding, statues, an ATM machine, fire, movie tickets, Bruce Jenner encased in glass and a neon sign that says “The End” are cluttered together in the family scene.   


Kris Jenner is of course the only one with a full smile on her face.  She loved the set, as stated on E!, that she was “blown away” by the post-apocalyptic, futuristic pop-culture world of a theme. 


Styled by Costume Designer/ Fashion Stylist Johnny Wujek, the ladies all wore black formal tight-fitting sexy dresses with big 1960’s styled hair.

big hair - kim1

big hair - kim

big hair- kourtney

If there is anything to say at all, the least we can say is this family keeps us entertained.  The Kardashians aired their Christmas digs on the December 1 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on E!.


What do you think of this family card? Stamp or Tramp? Tell us your view!

(Photos and references: Eonline (E! Entertainment))

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