StyleStamped News: Solange’s Next Move

Solange, one of my most favorite fashionistas and naturalistas, posted a video to YouTube yesterday entitled “Solange for Saint Records,” a 21 second video that acts as a visual presentation to announce her new music label, Saint Records. All of Solange’s upcoming music and other projects will be released under this label that has distribution assists from Sony.

Solange wore an artistically cut sparkly dress in this mini video, paired with white ankle socks and brown Birkinstock looking sandals and a big afro;  a  juxtapose outfit that only she could pull off.


Solange then went to her tumblr blog and posted these pictures after uploading her video.  Florals, sparkly sweater, bobby socks and adiddas….there is no prediction when it comes to Solange!



In an interview with Billboard on July 31st, Solange stated how excited she is about her new venture, an excitement that was first seen on twitter where she announced Saint Records as her new label.  Solange told Billboard “… I think it’s just really incredible to be a young woman and I feel so blessed and lucky and honored to be able to be in a position to do that [launch a record label]. It’s been a passion of mine to do that forever, I grew up seeing how the music business works from very different sides and I’ve conjured up a lot of knowledge to apply.”

image (2)

image (1)


Solange continues to stand out from the crowd and be a woman on the move! Her positive energy, exclusive street style and eclectic sound are a definite yes in my book. Check out her performing live below. What do you think? What are you looking forward to seeing more of from Solange in the future?

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