Style Stamped: My Weekend Style

I love the weekends. For those two days I can be free to wear what I want to wear and express myself without question versus the Monday through Friday 9-5 job “confinement” wear.  The job confinement includes my hair. Having a natural head of hair can sometimes be hard to tame and tone down for the corporate environment. I love my hair big; I love an Afro, and my hair loves being styled this way. So the past two weekends I let it do what it do!

I went to New York City last weekend and was able to hang out and do some “top-secret work” on a project with Jennifer Lord of Natural Hollywood (Project release date January 2014). Jennifer is a natural hair stylist and when I tell you what… she had my hair obeying! Then of course I get home and try to re-create the look and it was a bust. It seemed so simple; she did a few bantu knots from my wet hair and took them out the next day and wa-la! Umm….well it was not wa-la when I got home. It was nah-nah! But anyway, I got to enjoy the look for a few days and loved it.






What I’m wearing:
A sweatshirt from Forever 21 (recent purchase but not on the website), Hudson multi-color Nico Mid-Rise super skinny Jeans, a denim shirt and flat over the knee boots by Steve Madden. I always layer necklaces and pile on my bracelets. You will see this in pretty much every one of my looks!

A few days later I was out to drinks with my girl who recently moved to DC from NY. It was cold, so I didn’t want to do too much and we were just going for drinks so there was no reason to go too hard. We went to Bar 7 in DC and I wore my vintage fur from Instant Vintage 78 (my boo’s Stacie and Samantha) and my skinny black Hudson jeans, an open back sweater from last year’s Christmas Collection at The Limited, and some crazy spiked red heels by Penny Sue called “Dangerous”. I also had on some vintage red gloves (not shown) and an envelope bag from Forever 21. The fur kept me warm, even though my back was not safe in that sweater!

photo (18)

image (17)

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image (15)

image (14)

image (13)photo (19)

Saturday I attended a wonderful event/fashion showcase of a DC stylist named Dreylyn. I was rushing as always, so I threw on my new True Religion Halle Metallic Spray Jeans, since sprayed denim is the thing right now. I paired it with a lace top and some booties and I was done! Simple enough. I have a jeweled belt from Forever 21 that has become my newest fave accessory and I used that to tie the look together. I really wanted to wear a blazer or something but I chose not to and it worked! Oh, and I forgot to mention the gold lipstick. Don’t forget the lipstick! Gold lipstick and glitter from the local hair supply store (all for around $7). Stamp!

IMG_2232 IMG_2233 IMG_2234 IMG_2235 IMG_2231

Sunday is church day, so I decided to wear this $10 skirt I got from Current Boutique in Old Town Alexandria, VA. I paired it with a rouched top from H&M and some polka dot tights from Nordstrom. The shoe game included some Nine West “Sizzle” Oxford booties that I loooove. They are comfortable too!  I put a skinny studded belt on the high-waist flared skirt and my stacked jewelry and side afro hairstyle thingy. I wore my swing coat from Target, yes Target, from two years ago. Riri Boy Retro Matte from Rhianna’s summer 2013 MAC collection is on my lips.  Who’s got her new winter collection!?? I hear it sold out in less than 30 minutes online. I’ll get someone to put me a stash away of some lipstick at a local department store before it’s all over with…don’t you worry! Mama’s got to have her lipsticks and retro matte is my favorite.

image (5) - Copy image (7) - Copy image (8) - Copy image (9) - Copy image (10) image (11) image (12) photo (17) - Copy

Sunday night’s style took a different turn. Once again I was rushing, and sleepy, but I went to the event that I was scheduled to attend nonetheless. It was fun so I’m glad I did!(Post coming soon). I got my faithful denim shirt and paired it with my bow tie from Debisi and a vest from one of my suits for work. I added my boyfriend True Religion jeans and some oxford type shoes by Mojo Moxy (that my daughter hated) and was out the door. I had my daughter (and friend) in tow and they were doing their thing as well (I only help with their styling when necessary, I let them come up with their own outfits). It’s always good to have some kids around to put to work when working!IMG_2439









I thought about my style the other day and said if I could sum it up in 5 words, how would I define my style? Mature, Edgy, Street, Chic, and Individual. That is Yana B’s style! I also came up with a quote, “Decide who you are and dress the way you want to live.” It feels so good to come into your own and with the help of this blog, I’m doing more and more of that everyday and it has help me decide who I am. Thank you readers for continuing to come back and see what’s going on at StyleStamped!

Sadly it’s now time to go back to the 9-5, but I’m blessed to have a 9-5 to go to and to have woken up to see one more day that the Lord has made, right? 🙂

It’s just too bad that the weekends go by soooooo fast….
Until next time!

~Yana B.

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