StyleStamped: Gone to the Dogs

Just for fun, I wanted to take some pics with my newest loves of the past 2 months. No, they are not people; they are two rather large Pitbulls; 90 and 140 lbs respectively.  These dudes are big, and certainly keep me on my toes. On my first night taking care of them, Steel jumped the fence within the first 5 minutes and was lost in the neighborhood. Screams and cop cars and visions of someone shooting this big 90 pound Pitbull ran through my mind along with thoughts of his dad, my friend, killing me once I called to tell him that his dog was shot or hit by a car.  As I ran though the neighborhood in my cute outfit (I was planning on hitting the streets right after leaving them…who knew!), I was on the verge of tears. Before I called my friend to tell him my situation, I see Steel run around the corner towards me. When he gets to my feet, he lays down, basically to tell me he’s had his fun and we can go home now. I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I was sooo angry! And that was our first night together.

For obvious reasons, Diesel cannot jump fences. But while I’m out looking for Steel he will go UNDER the fence and begin to “mark his territory” in the neighbors yard. I tell you, these dogs have given me a run for my money. But when the drama is all over, I have to laugh. It is kinda funny to think of me running through the neighborhood chasing one dog and then climbing over the neighbors fence to snatch up the other, in hopes that the neighbors won’t see me yanking this monster of a dog out of their yard. Lol. But it is never funny at the time!


Steel, Diesel, and I

I have started to use their weight and strength to my advantage.  For example, when I walk them together (although I have been advised against doing so) I’m really walking over 230 lbs of dog, which equals almost twice my weight. While they are trying to walk me, I have to use a lot more body muscle to ensure that I am walking them. This provides all of us with a good amount of exercise (specifically for D, lol), and that’s a win!  And honestly, I’d much rather walk a mile daily with them than be in the gym. I’m just saying!


Getting my dog whisper on with Steel

Pit’s have received a bad rap over the years. I admit, I was quite taken back by the 140 pounder, as I had not seen him since he was a hefty 60 pound puppy. He’s a big ole boy now, for a dog anyway. Lol. It seriously looks like he could fit my entire head in his mouth, and his paw and my hand are close in size. Needless to say, he has not put my head in his mouth. But he has jumped on me like he was 10 pounds and bit my butt for fun. More fun for him than for me, of course, hahaha.

image (1)

My Hand vs. D’s Paw

image (1) - Copy

Big Baby and Butt Biter; Diesel

image (2)

Fence Jumper and Sprinter; Steel


Do I have to wash them? Good question. I called myself “dropping them off” at a dog wash company recently. I let them know the breed and size, and they told me that it was all good. They gave me a price and a time to come in. I was so happy, I thought I had really done something great in finding someone to take them and wash them for me. When I arrive with them, I see a young lady, smaller than me, at the counter. I said to her, “Are you here alone?” She said “yes, for now.” Then I said um…I can’t leave these two here with you alone to wash, that will NEVER happen. I told her that I would have to help her. It ended up being a good thing that I did not leave; it took us almost thirty minutes just to get Diesel into the tub! He literally LAID DOWN on the floor, all 140 pounds, and would not budge because he knew what I was trying to do. So what happened next? The lady says, you grab the front and I’ll grab the back. Hahaha. You would have thought we were lifting a box or an item. I was like, I would’ve been better just taking you through the car wash! (That was a joke for all of you serious dog lovers out there.)

You take one, I'll get the other! Me washing Diesel, my daughter drying Steel

You take one, I’ll get the other! Me washing Diesel, my daughter drying Steel

We have even been on a road trip. Three dogs, my child, and myself. Yup! Everything was all good until on my way back when I almost ran out of gas, early in the morning, in the middle of the country. I prayed so hard that I would find a gas station in time! That would NOT have been a good look, stuck in the middle of nowhere with these guys!

Road trip!

Road trip!

Who's peeking in your window?

Who’s peeking in your window?


These dudes have been easy to fall in love with. They follow me around, listen…most of the time, and act like big babies. They are protectors, and full of life. I talk to them like they are people, and they respond.

Don’t go thinking that I am a dog lover from all this mushiness I am spewing, because really I’m not. I love these dogs, as well as my miniature poodle. I probably won’t love your dog though. No offense.




Yana B is wearing a tank by Kinetic Styles, Acid Wash Denim by Tory Burch, and Charles Jourdan Polka-dot peep toe shoes.

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