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I have to take a minute or two to let the world know about some of the people that I admire through this blog. I’ve learned that it’s one thing to admire people from afar; celebrities on TV that we’ll never meet, Presidents and Heads of States, etc. It’s another thing to admire a person that you know. That is how I feel about my friend Ashton. I’ve known him for almost 7 years; we met at work in 2007 when I was the Visual Merchandiser and he was the Menswear Manager for Urban Outfitters in Washington, DC.  During that time, Ashton was one of the most reliable Managers in the store. When it was his turn to open the store at 7:00 a.m., you could bet that he would be on time (I never got a key, they already knew).  We received shipments 4 days a week, and Ashton would do whatever it took to help me place merchandise.  Anyone who’s ever shopped in Urban Outfitters know that the store carries a lot of merchandise and ton’s of units. Well as the Merchandiser,  I was in charge of finding a place for everything that we received, as well as dressing the forms (mannequins), and visualizing the windows, walls, fixtures, and about 10 more duties. I would rely on Ashton to dress the male forms because that would be one less thing I had to do. Plus, truth be told, he was better at dressing them than me, and I was okay with that. 🙂  I could always depend on him to have the men’s area looking stellar, and they made bank weekly due to his hard work.


Fast forward to May 2012, I left to go to work as a Government Contractor (don’t ask) and Ashton was working retail for Macy’s. We would always talk, and I knew he didn’t like his position there. Sometimes working a 9-5 is just really tough for artistic and creative individuals. I didn’t know this at the time, but I know it now. We need creative outlets. Ashton found his, ironically through one of his favorite products, his iPad®.  Ashton was one of the first people I know to own an iPad®, of course, as he professed his love for Apple products often.  The next thing I knew, my Facebook was flooded with these leather iPad® holders, posted by Aston. I was like where are you getting all of these cute leather accessories and stuff? He told me he was making them. And that was the birth of Twisted Aristocrat.


“I quit my retail sales job and started designing, creating samples, ordering supplies, increasing my skills and perfecting my craft. It can only go up from here. I love what I do. I’m living a life that most people wish they could, by following my dream.” ~ Ashton

Ayana B

Photo Credit: Intuition Photos

Stamp. A year and a half later, Twisted Aristocrat is now in its third season, debuting a 2013/14 Autumn and Winter Collection. The line features an assortment of amazing hand-made, hand-crafted leather products in various colors and textures. I’m impressed. I’m in awe. I am one of Twisted Aristocrat’s biggest admirer’s and fans. I know fashion. And what Aston is creating is not only fashion, it’s quality. It’s love, hard work, and the products are made from the most divine sense of creativity. I’m proud of my friend.  I want to let the world know about him before y’all see his stuff in the top boutiques. Hahaha then you can say you heard about him first on StyleStamped. ♥ 

All of the products made by Twisted Aristocrat are constructed in his attic. Every single piece is made by hand, in America, better yet, in Maryland, lol. 




He specializes in small handbags and bracelets. This fall, he’s expanded to include earrings, fringe leather/suede handbags, and necklaces. He uses the finest leather, and the most incredible colors and textures. Leather goods have never been this good!

We took a couple of photos together for his fall line. You can buy them all online, or if you have any special requests, just let Ashton know.


Twisted A. 2

Photo Credit: Intuition Photos

Intuition Photo4

Intuition Photo5



Photo Credit: Intuition Photos

Twisted A. 1



slim clutches


Intuition Photos

Photo Credit: Intuition Photos

Intuition Photos1

Intuition Photos2

Check out Ashton and Twisted Aristocrat here. Art recognizes art. Stamp!


Photo Credit: Intuition Photos

Sited photos credit of Intuition Photos.

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