StyleStamped: Fall Weekend in the Mountains

North America has four seasons but there is one season that gets a little more attention than the other three; Fall. It’s the season that lies between a typically short summer and long winter with various temperatures and weather in between. It’s also a big time in the fashion industry with Fashion Week, large magazine editions, and the back-to-school frenzy. It’s also the start of all of our favorite TV shows (i.e. Scandal!). Fall, or “Autumn” is a time for leaves to change colors, get cute, and falling to the ground. All of the world is not privileged to witness such beauty from nature first-hand since Autumn foliage doesn’t happen everywhere. But when you get to experience it, you can’t help but say that nature is awesome, and quite stylish. Leaves, when they change colors, are like a natural art fest that humans have nothing to do with. And where is the best place to pull up a seat to witness such a show? Way up in the mountains. North America has several, including the Great Smokies which lies along the North Carolina-Tennessee border. It’s a great pace for pictures so of course I took as many as I could. Embarassed

Style Stamped Fall Fashion

I ended up here on a family trip organized by my dad. He brought us up to the Smokies when I was a kid, and he wanted to come back and bring my kid. Between the Biltmore House, Ghost Town in the Sky, and the beautiful foliage of the Smokies, it was a great trip! It’s funny to go back to a place that you visited when you were a kid when you’re an adult. Everything seemed the same, which is not always the case after 20 or so years later.

My dad is always down to take my pics so I decided to do a post of course, especially since his camera is much better than mine! I wore a denim jumpsuit from last year’s Zara collection (which I found on sale at the end of the season) on  this cloudy Saturday in the sky. I love jumpsuits and I love denim, so this is the perfect garment to me. I borrowed the floral headband from my sister – I don’t know where she got it but I love it, it’s perfect for natural hairstyles! Zara has an even better jumpsuit out this year and I’m waiting for it to go on sale. I paired the look with my rose gold metallic Chuck Taylors…a favorite in my closet.

The Best of Fall

Fall is fun. It’s a great time of year for clothes and whatever else is important to you, lol. I was happy to get away to North Carolina for a quick fall getaway. What have you done for fun this fall?

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