StyleStamped Events: The Connoisseurs Vintage Pop-Up Shop

vin•tage (ˈvɪn tɪdʒ) 


1. Representing the high quality of a past time; classic: vintage movies.  2. Imitating, or being a style or fashion of the past; retro: vintage clothing.  3. Being the best of its kind; choice: vintage Shakespeare.  4. Old-fashioned or obsolete. vintage1Vintage-Barbie-Art-6

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” ~ Gianni Versace

“Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal.” ~ Yves Saint Laurent

I’ve always had a thing for the past. Be it clothing, dolls, toys, history, or stories, there is just something special about touching, feeling, wearing, or hearing something that was once in a present time. The current state is consistently fleeting and you can never retrieve one second, and the older you get the faster time seems to go! I think this is why holding on to things of past are so dear; there is an exiting nostalgia surrounding items that have traveled through time to meet you on your journey in the present moment. This notion of “the past” is a relative term in fashion, as we have seen styles come and go. Over this past century styles have evolved, developed, transcended, changed, disappeared, and re-appeared all over again.  Current trends are always “in,” and that will never change. But what about the trends that were in years ago? Should we just forget about them and not include them in the styles of today? Vintage shoppers and fashion connoisseurs say no.  They should be included because style is eternal. I visited an event that celebrated vintage styling, entitled “The Connoisseurs Vintage Pop-Up Shop” held at Avery’s on H St. in Washington, DC this past weekend. I myself, am no expert in vintage shopping and I won’t pretend to be. I do have a fascination for it though, and a deep appreciation of things past. The value in vintage is the undeniable fact of uniqueness, and that is what draws me to it. I can browse for hours in an antique store or vintage shoppe. This pop-up event allowed one to do just that, browse and shop for hours with six top vintage dealers from the local area, all in one location!


The Model

How do you dress vintage? It can be a difficult feat if you over-think it. Mr. Julian Pierre was there to give us a few hints on how awesome vintage can look. It’s like any other area of creativity, you put the pieces together until you create a masterpiece. Dee, of Roe the Agency served as the model and fashion plate for Julian’s styling creativity. I loved what he did so much with the second look that I purchased the jacket!

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IMG_1472 IMG_1520

Julian Pierre, Stylist

Julian Pierre, Stylist

The Vendors

Instant Vintage 78

78 logo

The event was hosted by my friends Stacie and Samantha of Instant Vintage 78.  These lovely ladies specialize in selling clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories from the 1940’s-1990’s. They were on the scene representing their brand and looking beautiful as always, classic and stylish.

Samantha and Stacie of Instant Vintage 78

Samantha and Stacie of Instant Vintage 78


Hosts of the event; Instant Vintage 78

Hosts of the event; Instant Vintage 78

Instant Vintage 78 displayed a wonderful assortment of items, I had to capture a few! IMG_1518 Each item is hand picked for their collection:

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I had to try on a few things… IMG_1542 And go home with something too! IMG_1557

Bespoke Not Broke IMG_1373

Mr. James Hackley of Bespoke Not Broke was a part of the event, showcasing men’s vintage suit-wear and clothing.

James Hackley of Bespoke Not Broke

James Hackley of Bespoke Not Broke

I’ve never seen so much vintage menswear in one spot! For men of fashion, I would advise them to check this out! IMG_1374

Emmanuel, men’s fashion editor at Facon Magazine and Consummate Style opted to model this leather bomber for me. I told him he should get this jacket!


Look at these flower lapel pins:

Uesa Goods Vintage uesa_banner

Miss Uesa of Usea Goods Vintage was a huge addition to the event. I was fascinated with each one of her pieces, and there were so many! I couldn’t stay out of her racks. IMG_1389


IMG_1384 Here are a few of some of her fabulous things:

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She had great accessories as well. There was this brass boot buckle (not shown) and this suede and metal belt that I was in love with. IMG_1481 Of course I had to try on the belt! IMG_1476 While she tried on a hat! IMG_1394

Haute Crave Boutique

haute crave The lovely ladies of Haute Crave Boutique showcased their awesome collection at the event. They have an assortment of one-of-a-kind clothes and handbags. IMG_1418 IMG_1425
They had so many things that I wanted! Including this fur shawl. It had pockets!
IMG_1453 IMG_1456

IMG_1459 They had a great handbag assortment:

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Revolution Vintage Shop revolution vintage

It was such a pleasure meeting Makkah of Revolution Vintage Shop. Her style was amaaazing. I was drawn to her style, and you can see why! She was fab.

Makkah's Revolution!

Makkah’s Revolution!

I needed a close up of her accessories. That hat though!

I needed a close up of her accessories. That hat though!

There were a lot of great pieces in her collection: IMG_1403 IMG_1461

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I also met a friend of Makkah’s, Miss Jann’l Henry-Robinson of Girls of Plenty,a fabulous blog and vintage pieces for plus-size ladies! Her blog and her style are dare I say..StyleStamped!

Jann'l of Girls of Plenty

Jann’l of Girls of Plenty

RubyReddCheecks Boutique


Miss Ruby Brown of RubyReddCheeks Boutique presented her collection of clothing and accessories at the event. Specializing in vintage and lifestyle pieces, we had a great time going through her racks as well!

Miss Ruby (Center) and friends

Miss Ruby (Center) and friends

IMG_1452 There was something about the sleeves on one of her dresses that caught my attention. I love anything exaggerated on a dress, and these sleeves were that!  IMG_1447

I tried it on, and it was a perfect fit 🙂 IMG_1442


The Patrons

There were many people who came out to shop vintage, network, and hang out. Avery’s is an intimate spot and perfect for such an event as this. I ran into friends I know and made some new ones!

These two were shopping in style

These two were shopping in style

Her jacket! Vintage at it's finest. Patchwork leather, ultimate throwback!

Her jacket! Vintage at it’s finest. Patchwork leather, ultimate throwback!

Stylish ladies shopping Makkah's Revolution

Stylish ladies shopping Makkah’s Revolution

Yaninikita of Bourgeois Rebellious, I can't wait to shop her items!

Yaninikita of Bourgeois Rebellious, I can’t wait to shop her items!

Plaid shirt, green tie, and cords on this cool patron

Plaid shirt, green tie, and cords on this cool patron

She picked up this fur vest from Ruby ReddCheeks and it went with what she had on!

She picked up this fur vest from Ruby ReddCheeks. It went with her outfit so perfectly everyone thought she wore it there!


Shopping Haute and Crave

Miss Uesa helps this lady shop vintage

Miss Uesa helps this lady shop vintage

She loved this plaid cape, we did too!

She loved this plaid cape from Revolution Vintage, and we did too!

IMG_1435 I met Ashley who drove down from Philly to attend the event. She has a blog called “Modern Stitches” and is soon launching an online vintage magazine. Stay tuned! IMG_1436

The Treats

Renee from dulceMINA Events provided a fashionable set up of delectable treats! It was cool to see how the desserts blended in with the event. I was impressed!


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The Book

Mr. Gregory St. Clair was at the event with his book, Sex and Drinks. As a bartender and a mixologist, he put together a book that tells erotic stories and each story has a cocktail recipe to go with it.

IMG_1358 IMG_1359


I can’t wait until the next event…stay StyleStamped until then! 

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