StyleStamped Events: “Christmas in Washington” Children’s Fashion Show

There is no other way to celebrate Christmas than with children. Other than Jesus’ birth, children are the reason for the season! Models Inc. of Washington, DC, known for putting on fabulous fashion events, presented the children of their agency to the community through a fashion show entitled “Christmas in Washington.” This fashionably fun event was a treat, and a surprise to say the least.  We’ve never seen children of all ages, able to walk and model like the children in this show. They served! Not only that, they let the audience know that they were aware of what they were doing, why they were doing it, and what being a part of an organization like Models Inc. meant to them.  They expressed how the organization has been an outlet to make friends, be a part of a family, and a way to make them feel good about themselves overall. Isn’t that what we want for our children, to have the best childhoods ever and live a life of confidence? Aside from the fashion, we took away from the show the perspective of what the show did for the children, more than what the children did for us by doing such a great job on stage. There is no better Christmas gift than to see children who are getting what they need out of life. And for that, this event gets a Stamp!

The show featured different fashion scenes as well as a dance performance by the Northeast Performance Arts Group.  Check out some of the pictures of these children who are nothing short of professional models.  Oh, and check out the heels on some of these girls! We couldn’t believe how well they walked in heels, they are ready!

We loved their names too; every model has a name that they “earn” such as Cupcake Inc, Babydoll Inc, Blossom Inc, etc. In the finale of the show, CEO’s and Executive Producer and Director Aaron Handy and Iran “Bang” Paylor congratulated all of the show’s participants, graduated the oldest child into the adult division, and presented winners of the modeling competition. Cupcake Inc, who lives directly up to her name, won the Christmas in Washington competition along with an amazing package. More than that, she was almost knocked down by her fellow Model, Inc. sisters and brothers who ran to support and congratulate her.  So cute!


All of the children were winners. It was definitely a true Christmas spirit in the atmosphere in Washington, DC!

Check out some of the video footage from the event:

We will be on the lookout for the next Models Inc event!



#Merry Christmas

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