StyleStamped Event: Scandal Watch DC; Featuring Men’s Fashion!


Here we are already into week 2 of Scandal, Season 3!! Time flies, but that is a good thing when it comes to this show. Every week it leaves us at the edge of our seat, couch, or chair…saying dag, it’s over already?? I can’t wait until next week! Don’t tell me you have not said that because I know you have.

I am excited every Thursday to watch this show, and what has made this season even better for me is to be in the company of others who feel the same.  Thus StyleStamped has found an event that fits with its vision; an interactive watch party.  Woo hoo! This interactive weekly party, held at Jin Lounge, is not like most other parties, hence the word “interactive.” Each week, four partners rotate hosting the “Scandal Watch DC” event that began  last week for the Season 3 premiere.  The event, after two weeks, has created so much buzz that it was featured on the local ABC news!

Every week there is a new host and a new topic. This week it was men’s fashion. Yes, men’s fashion! Why? Because fashion is not a synonym for women. Haha. Men have style too! And in case you haven’t noticed, there is one man in particular on this show who has let us know this. Not only is this man fine, he is sharp. All the time. Every episode. We have never caught him slipping as far as style is concerned. I don’t have to tell you who I’m referring to, because there is only one. Harrison Wright.

Harrison Wright, ABC's Scandal

Harrison Wright, ABC’s Scandal

Scandal Watch DC: Men’s Fashion

Candice Nicole was the host of the event this week. She was looking so fab! I loooved this look on her.

Candice Nicole of Candice Nicole PR,. wearing skirt and jewels by Mdurvwa Collection

Candice Nicole of Candice Nicole PR, wearing skirt and jewels by Mdurvwa Collection. Makeup by Mogregory Artistry

Candice Nicole

Candice Nicole



Orlando, Aaron, and Rico of the Roe Agency

Candice brought in fashion guru Devon Pina, fashion blogger of Style Citizen to provide his insight on  Harrison’s style and menswear. Devon provided  three simple statements on menswear: Color, Cut, and Clarity. Three models from the Roe Agency were on the panel dressed in Christopher Schafer Clothiers to provide real-time visuals, representing menswear looks.

Devon Pina speaking on menswear: Scandal

Devon Pina speaking on menswear: Scandal


Orlando and Aaron of the Roe Agency


Orlando of the Roe Agency ; Checkered shirt and patterned tie, colored pocket square


Rico of the Roe Agency; Navy Pinstriped suit, patterned shirt and wine colored polka-dot tie


Devon made some GREAT points. Menswear should be clear, fitted, and have a pop of color. Being that we are in Washington, DC, Devon pointed out that men do not have to be married to the “Government Colors” of black, navy, and grey. I loved that he used the word “married” because as a Government writer, this is a word that they love for us to use, Haha. But it works here. You absolutely do not have to be married to these drab colors, but they can be used as a baseline, therefore providing balance and serve as a starting point.

In addition, men; make sure that your suits fit. Whether you get them from a thrift store or off the rack, take them to a tailor if you need adjustments for your body type. As far as color is concerned, add it and use patterns for fun. Harrison adds color to his pocket squares and ties, and patterns to his shirts. Don’t be afraid of color, but be mindful of balance to develop a look that is not “overdone;” i.e. Steve Harvey back in the day. Make the look comfortable and classy. Harrison is a great guide in all of these areas!

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Harrison is definitely getting more play this season, as we are expected to get some background information on him soon.  I can’t wait!



Danielle and Aisha Moodie-Mills of Politini with Devon of Fashion Citizen

Danielle and Aisha Moodie-Mills of Politini and Yana B. of StyleStamped


Kimberly “Butta” Hines Editor-in-Chief of SoulBounce


Fashion Bloggers!! Yana B and Devon. StyleStamped and Fashion Citizen, in the house!


Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi of Lil SoSo Productions, Inc


The boo Tabriah, in “rain-wear” style – short flared trench coat, polka dot tights, and leather skirt 🙂


Yana B. and Desmond Handon of EthniCITY Designs, inventor of the Lego bow-tie. We are bringing the color!


Having fun. Wait, polka dots!!!


Tabriah with Devon of Style Citizen


Danielle and Aisha Moodie-Mills of Politini

Join us next week for episode 3 and another interactive event!!

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