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Jennifer Lord AKA Natural Hair Goddess

StyleStamped: Jennifer, who are you and what makes you an artist?

Jenn:  I am a Natural Hair Stylist, Editor-In-Chief of Natural Hollywood, and lover of all things in the beauty industry from hair and fashion to events.  Hair has always been the love of my life, along with the arts and history.  After styling hair professionally for years, I felt a void and wanted to do something about the lack of natural hair presentation in high fashion.  So in 2011 I launched Natural Hollywood Magazine and I haven’t looked back since!

StyleStamped:  What is “Natural Hollywood?”

Jenn:  Natural Hollywood is a Magazine that serves as a FREE exclusive access medium to everything fabulous, trendy and HOT with regard to Natural Hair.  Launched in March of 2011, we combined expert styling and high fashion with progressive graphic artistry and web design to create a showcase of Natural Hair beauty at  a level of Excellence.  Each model featured in the magazine expresses a unique personality while rocking  natural hair creations specific to their individuality and personal style.  Natural Hollywood Magazine is on a mission to change the perception of Natural Hair in the fashion and beauty industry, the corporate world, and beyond.  Page after page, this premium Magazine carries award winning Natural Hair styles and tips, mouth dropping photo spreads, one of kind accessories, feature stories of the industries hottest Naturalistas and so much more!

StyleStamped:  How can we view this magazine?

Jenn:  Natural Hollywood Magazine is distributed electronically through our website! The online Magazine is viewed internationally by thousands everyday and we currently have over 2,000 subscribers.

StyleStamped: Wow!
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Natural Hollywood Magazine, December 2012

Natural Hollywood Magazine, December 2012

Naturally Hollywood Magazine, March 2013

Natural Hollywood Magazine, March 2013

Natural Hollywood Magazine, April 2013

Natural Hollywood Magazine, April 2013

StylesStamped:  What is the inspiration behind your work?

Jenn:  I am inspired by all the fabulous natural hair ladies who love to play with make up and admittingly have a shoe fetish.  The type of girl who has natural beauty, plays basketball and still wears eyelashes because, well, lashes are fabulous!

I highlight the uniquely beautiful natural woman who respects vintage pieces and wears them with class and tops the look off with sexy.  The type of woman you just can’t stop staring at.   These women are my inspiration.  I want women with natural hair to appreciate who we are as women and embrace the way God created us, and most importantly, celebrate it!

StyleStamped: “I’m bougie about my hair.”  What does that mean?

Jenn:  I’m Natural Hollywood and “I’m bougie about my hair.”  Being bougie is being proud.  We are proud of our hair, it’s original, we celebrate our strands, and we are bougie about it!  I’m here to push this fact and inspire others to embrace it and make it their own.    For me personally, as a hair stylist, it means that I will treat your hair with the utmost respect and take care of it and love it.  I will not treat your hair poorly, use unhealthy products or harsh chemicals on your mane.  I’m bougie about the hair products I use, because all products are not for us! Find our bougie shirt on the website and put your bougie on display!

I'm bougie about my hair!

I’m bougie about my hair!

StyleStamped: In what other ways does Natural Hollywood get your message out in addition to the magazine?

Jenn: I showcase these facts and the Natural Hollywood message through art exhibits, hair shows, runways and fashion show presentations all over the US and other parts of the word including the Spring 2014 New York Fashion Week, Kansas City, Houston Texas, Canada, South Africa, and soon, a town near you.

One of the shows Natural Hollywood produced is entitled “A Night of Grandeur, where the essence of the message was truly captured. Check out parts I and II here!


StyleStamped: So what’s next on the agenda for you and Natural Hollywood?

Jenn: I recently moved from Baltimore, MD where I was the owner of Naturally Me Salon and now I reside in Brooklyn, NY, where I am from originally.  So the party is really getting started for me as there are so many fabulous naturalistas here!

Project Runway Natural Hair Style with Natural Hollywood!

Project Runway Natural Hair Style with Natural Hollywood!


Fro in White

Hair Laid

Hair only







Photographer Lance McCoy of B-Live Enterprise

Photographer Lance McCoy of B-Live Enterprise



StyleStamped:  Jenn, you are truly an artist and we can’t wait to see and hear more from you!  The whole idea, fashion and hair styling, and message are perfect and we love it.  Natural Hollywood is certainly StyleStamped approved!

Check out the website for what’s up next with Natural Hollywood.  If you’re in the Houston, TX area on December 7, 2013 go see Natural Hollywood present NZURI, “Fashion2FroFix” featuring a fashion show, a museum natural hair display, an award ceremony and a VIP black tie event.


Keep up with Jenn and Natural Hollywood at 

Instagram:  @naturalhollywoodgirl

Twitter: @NaturalHollywoodMag



Editor in Chief, Naturally Hollywood

Jennifer Lord, Editor in Chief, Natural Hollywood

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