Style To A Tee

Tee shirts have been around for over a century, and they’ve been incorporated into our wardrobes outside of an underwear garment since around 1942, and they became fashion and other statement pieces in the 1960’s.  Actually, everything cool that happened in fashion seemed to happen around the 1960’s so that makes sense. Fast forward to today – there is a tee shirt for everything. Everything! Kids love them. Tweens live in them. And adults…well, is there a place for tee’s in the wardrobe of an adult? Absolutely.

Style To A Tee!

So what do you need to incorporate a tee into your sophisticated wardrobe? Well first, you need a sophisticated tee. Text tee shirts are popular now, they’re clean white tees with text that usually say something catchy or simple. The ones with fancy writing in cursive or other fonts bring an air of classiness and simplicity. Two things that speak to those of us who are not going to a rave or beer fest any time soon (or ever again…in life), are class and simple.  Zara is a great place to shop for text tees that will easily fit into your wardrobe and give you what you need.


Next, what will you wear with your new “sophisticated I’m not just out of college but have a real job and I want you to know it tee?”

Another sophisticated item. With this look, I paired a sequins skirt that hit right above the knee. This skirt has color and flare: being out of college doesn’t mean that you have to immediately jump into mom-jeans (even though they are now back in style, maybe that wasn’t the best reference but you get my point) you can still be cute and have an age-appropriate look. Basically I added a major item (the sequins skirt) with a minimal item (the text tee) and put them together for a match made in Style heaven. After you do your highs and lows, the real fun begins with layering and accessories!


I was actually in a rush when I put this outfit together. After I looked in my closet and remembered I had this skirt (still wrapped in shipping plastic), grabbed the simple tee (that’s actually a tank) I knew I’d be cold so I layered with my favorite denim polka-dot tee. The skirt has orange in it, so the shoes were a no brainer. Well I can’t truly say that. If I had on a shirt that was heavier and not so simplistic, I wouldn’t have been able to wear these attention grabbing shoes. Another reason why a simple text tee is so good for your wardrobe – it gives you to the freedom to do more things with the rest of your look! It’s also a way to express yourself in a quirky way. Get a tee that says something about you! My accessories were large vintage pearls, a nude peach bag, and shades completed my outfit of the day.


  1. Find a simple text tee
  2. Pair it with something fun and sophisticated
  3. Make your outfit weather appropriate (layering is always an option!)
  4. Add fun accessories
  5. Kick it off with some hot shoes!
  6. Be proud that you’re no longer in college. Or on your first job
  7. Even if you are in college or on your on your first job, this is a cute outfit 🙂

Get Style Stamped.






Style to a Tee!

PS – shoutout to my daughter for the peace sign over my face in the featured image. #KidPhotographer

Do you wear tees? Do you think of wearing them when going for a more sophisticated look?



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