Style Stamped Spring Showers!

The past week has brought all types of weather from sun, sleet, rain, and even snow! Given Mother Nature’s unexpected hand we haven’t been able to put away all winter items just yet. This weekend was a prime example; it was cold and rainy the entire time….and yes, we ended the day yesterday with snow!  So I wore layers over a gray dress; gray for a very gray day!

Style Stamped Spring Showers

I really like the color gray as a neutral color.  Starting from a clean palette with a color that matches with anything, it allows for more creativity when crafting an outfit. This knee-length jersey dress from H&M is my new fave – the silhouette is great and the fit is perfect for any shape.  I paired it with a cropped black blazer and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Leche pumps.  I added a chunky gray and turquoise flower necklace also from H&M (in stores only) and I pulled out my J. Crew Double Cloth Symphony Coat in fuchsia in hopes to make a connection to Spring with the bright color. I couldn’t leave home without the most necessary accessory of the day, my umbrella!

photoGridImage (2)

I loved this little gray dress.  It was not only cute, stylish, and comfortable, it was also only $25.oo from H&M!

I’m glad I didn’t put my coats away yet. This dreary day called for any sign of Springtime, and I brought just that with this extremely bright pink overcoat!

Style Stamped believes in accessories…it’s the best way to add some personality and your own touch to an outfit. Balance is key when it comes to accessorizing, especially with statement necklaces and shoes! You don’t want to overdo it. Accessories are an enhancement, so choose with care. 🙂

Since I started off with a gray dress, I added a large necklace:

And some ankle strap shoes (ankle straps are one of my favorite style of shoes):


How do you keep your Spring outfits Style Stamped even when the weather doesn’t feel like Spring? @StyleStamped on Twitter or @StyleStamp on Instagram and show us!


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