Style Stamped Spring Bright!

Spring has arrived…well we will say it’s arrived on the calendar because it is still cold outside! And to go along with the cold there is snow on the ground as it is here in DC.  Nevertheless, we are still in celebration mode because sooner or later the calendar and the weather will have to collide…right? We sure hope so. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the transition!

It’s officially “okay” to bring on the color which for us is a breath of fresh air to get us through these (hopefully) last bit of cold days. It’s not hard to find color in stores this time of year; we see the pastels and whites and floral’s like we do every year. We love pastels, yes, but we are more excited right now about really bright colors…like BRIGHT.  We want to go from cold to hot immediately…with the hottest of color!

Style Stamped Spring Essentials

Midi skirts in all silhouettes are following us from the Winter/Fall season and with good cause.  Pair them with a fun graphic tee and lots of colorful accessories to keep the seasonal transfer trendy, fresh, and new. Add a neutral color sweater or blazer on the colder days or chilly nights.  Bright colors, or neon’s, can be mixed with each other as these colors play off of each other. So don’t worry about being too matchy when mixing brights, just have fun with it!

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