Style Stamped Spotlight: Ethnicity Brand

Those of us here at Style Stamped love accessories and we’ve built many outfits around unique pieces. What we haven’t seen much of is accessories…for men. I recently had a chat with a brand that is releasing an accessory line for men in September 2016 and the product is awesome! The 9-piece line is unique; it features neck-wear designed with the “fly guy” in mind, you know the typical man who runs the busy streets in a suit or a tee-shirt but likes to dress it up from time to time and add something to make him stand out in the crowd. EthniCITY has designed the perfect collection for that guy, called “EthniCITY Jewels”, created and designed by founder Desmond J. Handon.


The collection of neck-wear is inspired by different cultures and regions of the world which the basis behind the EthniCITY name. As a designer from a large city, Desmond studies street style while in his own native area of Washington, DC and through his travels across the U.S. from New York to Atlanta to L.A. While traveling to urban settings which are so full of fashion and culture, Desmond gets a feel of what the urban man likes. This study of style becomes the inspiration for his designs. To decipher the “ethnic” piece of the brand’s name, the collection features materials from all over the world including Moroccan beads, metals, marble, stone, turquoise, and wood. The neck-wear is exaggerated and large in size, created with strong natural materials to identify it as a masculine creation of jewelry.

Desmond founded EthniCITY as a fashion and production company in 2010. The company produces runway and street wear designs as well as jewelry and other custom accessories for men and women. When describing the impulse to start his company, Desmond explains, “Randomly, I’d be out-and-about either on vacation, at the mall, or at a fashion event, and people would come up to me and offer to buy the necklace I was wearing on the spot. It happened so often, that I decided to come up with an entire collection.”

Six years after the founding of his company, Desmond’s jewelry is still a bestseller. His social networking profiles have become personal boutiques for customers across the nation allowing Desmond to redefine the world of custom styling and how customers interact with him.

Desmond is excited about releasing his new merchandise online to continue growing his company and leading the revolution in bringing contemporary urban styles to the forefront of fashion and we are excited to have him featured here on Style Stamped!

You can purchase these one-of-a-kind necklaces this upcoming September at You can also find the brand on IG and Twitter under the same name.

Check out Desmond and EthniCITY brand and send him some love from Style Stamped!

xoxo ~ Yana B.

Photo Credit: Robert Poe Photography  (IG: @RobertPoePhotography)

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