Style Stamped Look of the Day: Color Coated

Is this not the coldest winter ever? I have been freeeezing for the past couple of weeks now!  I don’t want to hear “Well you’re from New York, you should be used to it.”  Used to what exactly? 10 degrees and below?  Please tell me where anyone would be used to that.  Cold is cold no matter where you’re from unless you are already made of ice!

As it started snowing unexpectedly the other night, I decided to go out in it and catch some flakes like I used to when I was a kid.  There’s no better way to make the best of any situation than to dress the part and have a little fun, right?  So that’s what I did, clenched my hands, braced the cold, and played in the snow in heels and the brightest color that I own – a fuchsia coat.

J. Crew Double Cloth Symphony Coat Vibrant Fuschia -

Yana B. in J Crew Coat

Winter is seen as a dreary time of year and the majority of coats on the market are black and grey. Instead of going with the norm, I think it’s a good time to add some color therapy to the coldest days and brighten up our outerwear looks. Warm up in color!

I found this J. Crew Double Cloth Symphony Coat in Vibrant Fuchsia (2013) at a consignment store recently and immediately fell in love. Since this winter has been abnormally cold, I’ve had the desire to spruce up my outerwear collection since I’m relying on it so much this season! This classic collarless a-line coat serves it’s purpose and will be a closet favorite for years to come.  That’s the great thing about coats, good ones really never go out of style.  🙂

J Crew Vibrant Fuchsia Double Cloth Symphony Coat


Need some options?  I found a few coats that would be sure to brighten up a dreary cold day or night!  Also, there are a few J. Crew coats like the one I’m wearing on Ebay.  In addition to colors, a lot of coats this season come in various silhouettes and patterns. Go out and brace the cold and have some fun in a Style Stamped way!  All of these coats are listed at a reasonable price, retailing for under $300.  Many are on sale too!

Tell us how you’re bracing the cold and show us your coat fashion!



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