Style Stamped Event: The Madiff Foundation Gala

Style Stamped was recently invited to a black tie affair by the Making A Difference Foundation (MADIFF). The non-profit Foundation helps underprivileged children in Africa, including children with disabilities, get an education by helping pay for tuition costs, uniforms, and school supplies.  Their mission is to initiate Socio-economic development opportunities for the children in poor countries in Africa by providing them educational and moral support. Their aim is to restore hope to vulnerable children that have lost hope due to the cycle of poverty. states that “according to the United Nations’ data, children in Sub-Saharan Africa are more likely to be ill, less likely to be in school and far more likely to die before the age of five because they are trapped in a downward spiral of war, disease and poverty. It is estimated that 38 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa have never been to school.” So of course when Style Stamped was invited to attend this event, we had to show support!

The event, held at the Embassy of Austria in Washington, DC, was MADIFF’s first annual gala, aimed to benefit children with disabilities in Africa. The MADIFF project entitled “Change A Life” provides mobility and a better quality of life for disabled students in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Congo is  is listed as the poorest country in the world and since primary education is not free there, less than a third of the relevant population was enrolled in primary education (the equivalent of elementary and middle school) in 2011. By comparison, in the United States, nearly 95% were ( The Congo has implemented a millennium development goal of primary education for all by 2015, but nearly half of Congolese children (more than 3 million) are still estimated to be out of school and one in three having never stepped into a classroom. MADIFF is stepping up to the plate to help Congo reach their goals by helping all children and specifically those with disabilities. This gala was a great way to spread the word and raise funds for this amazing cause!

The agenda included a great fashion show featuring designers Victor Hou of Victor Hou Designs, Syreeta Herbert of Syreeta C Fashion, and Zagodi Fashion in conjunction with ROE The Agency as well as guest speakers.   Miss Africa USA, Miss Cameroon USA, and Mr. Africa USA were also in attendance.

We were there for the fashion of course. 🙂  The show was an amazing showcase of these three design houses located in the local DC area. ROE the Agency models did a wonderful job presenting the fashion.

First up was Victor Hou Designs.  The use of metallic was highlighted throughout this collection and incorporated with several patterns. The dresses were form fitting and sexy, but classy at the same time. Classy is always Style Stamped!


The second collection featured designs from Syreeta C Fashion and I must tell you that we were in love with the white skirts!! Her silhouettes were modern and on trend in a high-fashion way and her menswear was tailored to fit. Very Style Stamped!!! 

The final collection was by Zagodi Fashion who incorporated African print dresses and modern cuts for the menswear. Very nice!  We loved the prints and the mix of contemporary style with African fabrics. 

The fashion show’s had the spotlight, but the attendees were also Style Stamped!  People from all walks of life came out to support this event and help raise funds for the MADIFF mission.

“It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us” ~  MADIFF

You can donate to the foundation here to assist them in their mission to help disabled children, and all children in Africa receive an education.



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