Style in Color – Be Bold in Blue

There is something regal and strong about the color blue, especially cobalt blue. In the family of blues, cobalt is the first-born, in charge, and over all the other blues. It’s the brightest, strongest, meanest, cleanest, and leanest of all blues. Cobalt is the top dog in the family of blue hues. Even when paired with other colors, it wins. Cobalt really just has it like that.

I'll take mine with Blue

My cobalt blue pants are special and I save them for situations that will create a good outfit. I wish I could tell you that I took extra care to create this look and although I love the way it turned out, I’ll admit that this was not a ‘pick-out-your-clothes-at-night to make a hot outfit’ type of situation. It was more like ‘you have ten minutes so pick out anything because we are late for church and God has done too much for you to not go so hurry up’.

My name is Yana and I’mReforming Slacker.  God ain’t done with you yet either. #DontJudgeMe


My morning went something like this….”If I choose these pants we can get out of here faster because they will go with anything”. Then I turned to the other side of my closet and yanked a polka dot western shirt off of a hanger, and looked into the sea of hanging sweaters and grabbed the bright yellow one. “Will these two colors clash?” I thought. “No” said a voice. “You have that polka dot shirt in the middle of your solids for contrast and that cobalt matches everything.” Bet, I replied to the voice. Let’s do it.


My shirt is from Forever 21; I purchased it a while ago when I was really deep into my polka-dot daze. I wanted all tops and shirts that polka-dot had to offer and this western shirt was one of the victims. The sweater is also from Forever 21, I purchased it to be a rebel against a skirt that it didn’t go with, but I made it go anyway (see it here).  Then, this scarf…I don’t know where it came from and it’s so crazy that I even found it that morning because I certainly wasn’t looking for it. When I found it in a bag in my closet I thought “oh wow!! This matches perfectly” (the upside of having bags of stuff in your closet).  Looking back I think God was probably like ‘maybe if I help her close the loop on this look she’ll get out the door faster’. So I tied the scarf around my neck, grabbed my red envelope clutch, and jumped in the car to go to church. ColorMyStyle7

FYI, my hair looked much better in person. It wasn’t a complete afro. It was more defined. #NaturalHairProblems


Moral of the story; check your closet for bold colors. Then add another bold color, breaking it up in between with a pattern if possible. After that freestyle with shoes and accessories, just don’t overdo it with the accessories. Also don’t forget to check the bags of stuff in your closet, since you can’t remember what’s in them anyway you be pleasantly surprised at just the right time. ♥

Let bold colors speak loudly you.


Want to add some bright big brother cobalt blue to your wardrobe?  Here are some pants currently in stock (as seen in the photo set above):

Women’s PFG Armadale™ Ankle Pants

Ankle Pants from West Marine

Metaphor Women's Ankle Dress Pants

Sears Metaphor Ankle Dress Pants

Refined Lexie Skinny Pants

The Limited Lexie Skinny Pant

Let us see your IG looks! Tag #StyleStamped – we repost our faves every Saturday. xoxo

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