Stretch Your Wardrobe With a V-Neck Tee

I have a confession, it’s a confession that those who are close to me already know but I want to share it with you as well. I have a lot of clothes, like a lot. My mom calls me a clothes hoarder which I deny publicly but inside I know it’s true. I’ll never forget my friend who came to visit and told me my closet was a store. A store! Another thing my mom always says is “You don’t need to buy anything else, ever.” Well, I don’t know about “ever”, I mean that’s a huge commitment to ANYTHING, like ever as in forever ever? I’m not ready to go that far. But I am ready to at least think about how to do fun and creative things with the clothes I already have. Mix things up a little, actually WEAR the clothes instead of just watching them take up so much space on hangers, in drawers, and on shelves. I have a lot of fun putting outfits together but this year I want to explore doing more with what I have, which will not only save money but be an awesome creative challenge.

Bring Your Tee to Winter

I don’t store my tee’s or tanks away for winter because sometimes I wear them under my sweaters or button-down shirts. I decided to do that in reverse – wear a tee OVER a button down shirt you know, during my creative outfit brainstorm session. I took a lightweight v-neck and wore it over my polka dot denim tee and paired it with flare jeans. I topped it off with my favorite statement necklace and wa-la, Style Stamped!

It’s a simple outfit, but different which we love. Most of all, it’s an outfit that you already have in your closet! What do you think? And what are some ways you mix and match, re-purpose and re-image some of your items to make them work year-round?

We want to know how you stay Style Stamped while we invite you on this wardrobe challenge! 🙂

xoxo ~ Yana

Shirt| similar here; Tee| similar here; Jeans| similar here Necklace| similar here

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